Agencies Involved in Monitoring



Department of Natural Resources

Administers state-owned land, as well as rights granted in land-use leases, permits, material sales, water rights, and water use. (The former Division of Governmental Coordination, now Office of Project Management and Permitting, merged into DNR. OPMP acts as the lead agency for Large Project Permitting and the Alaska Coastal Management Program.) (The former Department of Fish and Game, Habitat and Restoration Division, merged into DNR, now Office of Habitat Management & Permitting. OHMP administers permit program to protect anadromous fish and their freshwater habitats and to ensure efficient fish passage in all water bodies.)

Bureau of Land Management

Under the Department of the Interior, administers 88 million acres of public lands in Alaska. Issues and administers rights-of-way and permits for land use and cultural survey activities, and material sales related to pipeline use on federal land.

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Department of Environmental Conservation

Regulates and issues permits to operate facilities that may affect air quality, generate waste, hazardous material treatment storage and disposal, and oil spill contingency plan approval.

U.S. Department of Transportation/ Office of Pipeline Safety

Regulates the transportation by pipeline of hazardous liquids and gases, as well as drug testing related to pipeline safety, and conducts inspections of TAPS.

Department of Fish and Game *

Hazing of wildlife in connection to oil spills, issues permits for beaver takings, and comments on subsistence issues.

Environmental Protection Agency 

Works in partnership with the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation to administer regulatory programs such as the Clean Air Act, Clear Water Act, and Oil Pollution Act.

Department of Labor and Workplace Development

Reviews practices and procedures pertaining to occupational safety and health; mechanical, electrical and pressure systems; and wage and hour codes to protect employees of the pipeline company.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers *

Issues approvals of structures or activities in navigable waters and approvals of placement of dredged or fill material in waters of the U.S. including wetlands.

Department of Public Safety, Division of Fire Prevention

Concentrates on fire and safety inspections, plan reviews, fire investigations, and public safety education.

U.S. Coast Guard *

The U.S. Coast Guard issues approvals of work associated with construction and maintenance of bridges at aerial pipeline crossings over navigable waters and other activities that may impact navigation; oversees vessel movement in and out of the Valdez Marine Terminal area; and Terminal safety issues.

Department of Transportation Public Facilities * 

Provides design, construction and maintenance of primary and secondary land and marine highways and airports.

Minerals Management Service *

Manages the nation's natural gas, oil, and other mineral resources on the outer continental shelf.

Approximately 70 staff, representing seven of the 12 agencies, are co-located in the Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Valdez offices.

* No representatives co-located in JPO.