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White Mountains National Recreation Area


Eleazars Cabin
Eleazars Cabin in the White Mountains.
There are 12 public recreation cabins in the White Mountains NRA trails and cabins system. The cabins are accessed most easily during the winter, but a few cabins can be reached during the summer by foot, mountain bikes, 4-wheelers, boats, and even airplanes. Distances from the road range from 7 miles (Lee's Cabin) to 40 miles (Windy Gap Cabin). The average distance between cabins is 10 miles. The GPS coordinates of the cabin locations are available for navigation.
NOTE: Wildfires in 2004 and 2005 destroyed two cabins in the White Mountains NRA. The Wolf Run Cabin was rebuilt in 2006, and the Crowberry Cabin was rebuilt in 2007. Both cabins were rebuilt in their original locations but were slightly reoriented to highlight the spectacular views from their windows. In 2014 the Moose Creek Cabin was rebuilt and moved to a new location less than a mile from its previous site.

Cabin Sizes and Features

Interior of a cabin showing table, benches, and cooking countertop.

Typical cabin interior.

There are several sizes of log cabins along the trail system. The smaller cabins are 10' by 12' and sleep four people in bunk beds. The larger 12' by 16' cabins can sleep 4 to 6 people comfortably and have a storage loft. The largest and newest cabins, Crowberry and Moose Creek, are 16' x 16'.
Cabins are equipped with bunk beds, a table and benches, cook stove, lantern, fire extinguisher, saw, ax, broom, wood stove and outhouse. Renters need to bring fuel for the lanterns and cook stoves. BLM recently converted from white gas to propane cook stoves and lanterns, so make sure to bring the proper fuel! Carry extra lantern mantles or candles in case the lanterns don't function properly. Cabin users should be prepared to cut firewood or bring some with them. Other recommended items to bring include maps and compass, matches, sleeping bag and pad, extra food items and water, and warm clothing. 
In addition to the remote cabins system, the Fred Blixt Cabin is located at milepost 62.5 on the Elliott Highway. This road-accessible cabin, like those in on the trail system, is still rustic and has only basic facilities such as an outhouse and no running water. It is a 12' by 16' log cabin with a storage loft, bunk beds, lantern and cook stove, table and benches, and a wood stove.

Reservations and Permits

Cabins permits are required. Starting July 20, 2016, cabin permits may be obtained through the federal government's online reservation and payment system, either by using the website or by calling the reservation number (toll-free 1-877-444-6777 in the U.S.; international 518-885-3639). Please note that we will temporarily stop taking cabin reservations starting July 15 to allow transfer of existing reservations to the new system.

The website contains maps, details and photos for each cabin, a calendar showing cabin availability, and a list of permit rules and supplemental information for the White Mountains National Recreation Area.

Reservations may be made up to 30 days in advance. Use is limited to three consecutive nights per cabin. Permits run from noon of the first day's stay to noon of the last day. Weekends, holidays, and spring break are times of peak use. Cabin Permits are $25 per night; in addition, charges a $9 service fee per reservation for online bookings and $10 service fee for phone bookings. Permits must be paid for prior to occupying the cabins.

Additional information is available in our Frequently Asked Questions and our instruction sheet (coming soon!). If you do not have access to a computer or need assistance using you may call the BLM at 907-474-2200 (toll-free 1-800-437-7021 in the U.S. outside the Fairbanks area) or stop by BLM Public Room in the Fairbanks District Office at 222 University Avenue, Fairbanks.