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Trail History

Iditarod Oral History Project

Introductory text here.

Tony Gularte (Flat) 
Recording / Transcript

Gularte discusses the early history of the Iditarod and Flat mining camps, including  the first arrival of airplanes in the area.

Jack Morris (McGrath)
Recording 1 / 2 / 3 / Transcript

Jack Morris recounts the old days of McGrath, including its relocation and his experiences working as a deckhand on the Kuskokwim River.
Joe & Vi Redington (Knik)
Recording 1 / 2Transcript
The Redingtons talk about the famous roadhouses that once occupied the Rainy Pass area.
John Poling (Nome)
Recording 1 / 2 / Transcript
Poling talks about Nome's gold rush history and the Nome residents who played a part.
Mamie Maloney (Nome)
Recording 1 / 2 / Transcript
Maloney recounts the days of Safety, including the famous Safety Roadhouse and the flood that almost wiped the city off the map. 

Pete Curran, Jr. (Nome)Recording 1 / 2 / 3 / Transcript

Curran tells of his experiences carrying mail by dog team to the Seward Peninsula.
Mark Abloogalook (Nome)
Recording 1 / 2 / Transcript
Abloogalook shares his memories of reindeer herding on the Seward Peninsula in the early days.
Bonnie Hahn (Nome)
Recording 1 / 2 / Transcript
Hahn takes listeners on a walkthrough tour of historic Nome.
Andy Peterson (Nome)
Recording 1 / 2 / Transcript
Peterson discusses travel and roadhouses on the Seward Peninsula.
Bob Baldwin (Nome)
Recording / Transcript
Baldwin talks about the Cape Nome Roadhouse and the orphanage and mission established by the Methodist church nearby.
Edgar Nollner (Galena)
Recording 1 / 2 / Transcript
Nollner describes his experience as one of the mushers who saved Nome in the 1925 Diptheria Serum Run.
Charlie Evans (Galena)
Recording 1 / 2 / Transcript
Evans talks about his part in the 1925 Diptheria Serum Run and the roadhouses and trails that surrounded the Lewis Landing area at the time.
John Bahnke, Sr. (Nome)
Recording 1 / 2 / Transcript
Bahnke discusses the many roadhouses between Bluff and Nome, as well as Quigley's Mine, where he got his first taste ofd mining at 13.
Charlie Carlo (Ruby)
Recording 1 / 2 / Transcript
Carlo shares his memories of mail by dog team in the Ruby-Poorman area during the 1930s.

Edgar Kalland (Kaltag)
Recording 1 / 2 / 3 / Transcript

Kalland describes how he came to be one of the mushers made famous by the 1925 Diptheria Serum Run.