Fortymile Wild and Scenic River

River Corridor Rules

The Fortymile River is a Wild and Scenic River. This Congressional designation directs BLM to protect and enhance the river's free-flowing condition, water quality and outstanding values. BLM manages the river corridor to provide for public recreation and resource uses that do not adversely impact or degrade those values.

You can help by observing the following restrictions, which apply only to the Fortymile Wild and Scenic River Corridor. This includes lands along the North Fork, Champion Creek, Joseph Creek, the Middle Fork, Hutchinson Creek, O'Brien Creek, the Main Stem of the Fortymile, the South Fork, Franklin Creek, Uhler Creek, Wade Creek, the Walker Fork below Liberty Creek, the Mosquito Fork, the Dennison Fork below the West Fork, the West Fork below Kechumstuk Creek and Logging Cabin Creek.

1) Vehicle Limitations. Written authorization from BLM is required to use motorized vehicles exceeding 1,500 pounds gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) off the Taylor Highway. Pioneering new trails with any motorized vehicle is prohibited. No vehicular travel is allowed off established trails.

2.) Camping Limitations. Written authorization is required for camping associated with commercial activities (for example, the use of mechanized equipment for mining, guiding activities or any use of public lands for business or financial gain). No permit is required for short-term camping (less than 10 days in one location) associated with non-commercial activities.

3.) Camping Exclusions. Camping is prohibited at the following sites along the Taylor Highway: (MP=mile post)

  • Logging Cabin Creek Bridge, MP 43
  • West Fork Bridge, MP 49
  • Mosquito Fork Bridge, MP 64
  • South Fork Bridge, MP 75
  • Walker Fork Bridge, MP 82
  • Fortymile Bridge, MP 112
  • King Creek, MP 119
  • Columbia Creek, MP 124
  • Jack Wade Creek between Walker Fork Campground (MP 82) and Warner Creek (MP 92)

For additional information and permit application forms, please contact us.