Birch Creek Wild and Scenic River

Keep Birch Creek Wild

Birch Creek is a Wild and Scenic River. This Congressional designation provides special protection to keep the river free-flowing and natural. You can help by observing these restrictions, which apply to the Birch Creek Wild and Scenic River Corridor:

  • The corridor is closed to off-highway vehicle use from April 30 through October 15.
  • Winter use of snowmobiles in the corridor is limited to 1500 Gross Vehicle Weight Rating or less.
  • Use of hovercraft or airboats is prohibited.
  • Use of motorized equipment for mineral collection for personal recreation is prohibited.
  • Camping within the river corridor is limited to 15 consecutive days in any one calendar year.
  • Special Recreation Permits are required for any commercial activities within the river corridor.

Additional information and maps detailing the use of off-highway vehicles (OHVs) in this area may be found on the OHV management page for the Steese National Conservation Area, through which Birch Creek flows.