BLM Alaska Minerals Program

Geologist at sunsetThe BLM Alaska minerals program has responsibilities and adjudicative duties associated with federal mining claims, mineral surveys and patents, validation of title evidence, review of mineral validity reports, service of federal minerals contest actions, guidance for surface use management and use and occupancy under the mining laws; processing mineral lease applications, mineral materials, solid minerals prospecting permits, bonding documentation, and oil and gas reinstatement actions; coordinating oil and gas lease sales; and preparation and service of decisions, notices and other legal documents.


Updated 11/17/2014

BLM Alaska has developed guidance to help the placer mining industry comply with laws, regulations and national policies regarding reclamation. The goal is to ensure effective reclamation of streams to sustain fish and wildlife populations and to ensure that placer mining operations are adequately bonded. The links below provide additional information.

News Release

Guidance on reclamation bonding for Plans and Notices on BLM managed lands in Alaska

Placer Mining Baseline Environmental Information Guidance and Reclamation Effectiveness Monitoring for Alaska Placer Mined Streams REISSUED


Updated 12/16/2013
Guidance for Placer Mining on BLM Managed Lands and Using the State of Alaska’s Annual Placer Mining Application (APMA)

 Spatial Data Management System Website

Report Mining Claim Fraud 



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