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What can I do on a 17(b) easement?

OHV user reading trespassing sign along easement.The uses allowed on a 17(b) easement are limited, and they are described in the conveyance document issued to a Native corporation. Common allowable uses for most 17(b) easements are described below. Any use other than what is described in the conveyance document is not authorized. Please check with the agency managing the easement or the owner of the land it crosses if authorized uses are not posted at the trailhead or site easement.

An example of authorized use is: motorized vehicles on 25-foot-wide trails are generally limited to snowmobiles, two- and three-wheeled vehicles, and all-terrain vehicles having less than 3,000 lbs. gross weight. Larger vehicles are not authorized on a 25-foot public easement, even if the physical condition of the trail would support the use. An easement may also be limited to seasonal use. The land owner is not bound by these restrictions.

Common Allowable Uses

25-Foot Trail— The uses allowed on a 25-foot-wide trail easement are travel by: foot, dogsleds, animals, snowmobiles, two- and three-wheeled off-highway vehicles; and small all-terrain vehicles (less than 3,000 lbs. gross vehicle weight). 

50-Foot Trail— The uses allowed on a 50-foot-wide trail easement are those allowed for a 25-foot trail plus large all-terrain vehicles (more than 3,000 lbs. gross vehicle weight), tracked vehicles, and four-wheel-drive vehicles.

60-Foot Road— The uses allowed on a 60-foot-wide road easement are those allowed for 25- and 50-foot trails plus automobiles and trucks.

1-Acre Site— The uses allowed on a site easement are: vehicle parking (such as aircraft, boats, all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, cars, and trucks), temporary camping, and loading or unloading. Temporary camping and loading or unloading is limited to 24 hours.

Can I hunt, fish, or trap on or from a 17(b) easement?

No. Hunting, fishing, or trapping on or from the easement are never allowed, unless you obtain a permit from the landowner for this purpose.

OHV user on easement going through mountain pass.

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