Invasive Plant Flyers and Brochures
10 Things You Can Do/Alaska Flyer570 Kb03/29/2013
Early Detection Rapid Response Booklet944 Kb03/29/2013
Salcha/Delta Soil Water Conservation District brochure670 Kb03/29/2013
Invasive Weeds What's the Worry279 Kb03/29/2013
Certified Weed Free Forage - AACD399 Kb03/29/2013
Elodea in Alaska flyer1259 Kb03/29/2013
Invasives Species Coloring Page1253 Kb03/29/2013
Bird Vetch FACTSHEET202 Kb03/29/2013
Creeping Thistle FACTSHEET142 Kb03/29/2013
European Bird Cherry FACTSHEET205 Kb03/29/2013
Orange Hawkweek FACTSHEET184 Kb03/29/2013
White Sweet Clover FACTSHEET173 Kb03/29/2013

Burning Iditarod dog bedding straw at Rohn Cabin, Iditarod National Historic Trail

Burning Iditarod dog bedding straw at Rohn Cabin

Photo by Laurie Thorpe