Timber Sales

Timber Sales allow the purchaser to harvest timber for commercial purposes on public land.

  • Inquiry is made to BLM Field Office. Find contact inforamtion for appropriate Filed Office.
  • Determine the availability of suitable timber.
  • The purchaser may be required to prepare a competitive bid for sale.
  • High bidder is awarded sale.
  • Purchaser prepares logging plan, submits required bonds and prepayments.
  • Purchaser makes payment for timber by either a lump sum or installments.

Processing Time:
Most timber sales are sold through a bidding process. Sales are prepared ahead of time and advertised upon completion. Successful bidders are generally awarded a contract within several days after the bidding is closed. Noncompetitive sales in established areas may be sold almost immediately upon application.



  • Fair market value of the timber is determined through an appraisal.
  • Competitive bid sales are awarded to the highest bidder.

Special Considerations:

  • Each timber sale is unique. Requirements for each sale will be issued as part of each sale package.
  • The availability of timber "for sale" depends on the age and condition of the timber, land status, public demand, and other land use considerations.

Appeal Rights: 
The purchaser has the right to appeal throughout the timber sale process.

The purchaser is liable for terms of the timber sale contract. Cutting and removing timber without a contract or permit is considered timber trespass. Trespassers are subject to civil and criminal prosecution.