Federal Coalbed Natural Gas

Coalbed Natural Gas

Coalbed natural gas (CBNG), also referred to as coalbed methane, is the gas found in coal deposits.  Once a nuisance and mine safety hazard, CBNG has become a valuable part of our Nation’s energy portfolio.
Due to the high cost of delivering fuel to more than 150 roadless communities in Alaska, the BLM, in partnership with other federal agencies and the State of Alaska under the Alaska Rural Energy Program, is studying the feasibility of using CBNG as an alternate source to diesel in rural communities. 
Alaska has at least half the coal resources in the United States.  The advent of coalbed natural gas production in Alaska has brought the potential for rural Alaskan communities to become self-sufficient through the production of a local, cleaner, low-cost energy source.  Estimates are that Alaska may have more than a 1,000 trillion cubic feet of CBNG and more than 35 rural villages are situated on or immediately adjacent to a coal source.