Cultural Heritage Publications

You may download or view the following publications as PDFs. Some of these files are rather large and may take some time to download. Just click the link to access the publication. If you do not wish to download but would like hard copies, contact the BLM-Alaska Public Room, 222 W. 7th Ave., #13, Anchorage, AK 99513, phone: (907) 271-5960.   

BLM Scientific Reports

    1. Historic Buildings Survey report: Flat, Alaska [OFR 64, 187 pp.]     
    2. Flat and Iditarod 1993-1995: Oral History Interviews [OFR 66, 288 pp.]   
    3. The Mesa Site: Paleoindians above the Arctic Circle [OFR 86, 82 pp.]     
    4. Ruby-Poorman Mining District – Ruby Quadrangle, Alaska [OFR 49, 41 pp.]      
    5. Prospecting and Mining Activity in the Rampart, Manley Hot Springs and Fort Gibbon Mining District of Alaska [OFR 61, 180 pp.]   
    6. Nome River Water Control Structures [OFR 62, 37 pp.]    
    7. Copper River Native Places [ TR 56, 43 pp.]
    8. Cultural Resource Inventory of the Bendeleben and Darby Mountains [OFR 57, 24 pp.]    
    9. Denali Mine on Valdez Creek, South Central Alaska: A Cultural Resource Evaluation [OFR 9, 9 pp.]    
    10. Beaver Creek National Wild River Cultural Resources Inventory
      [OFR 19, 48 pp.]

Alaska BLM Adventures in the Past Series

  1. The Eagle-Valdez Trail: Northern Portion
  2. Early Miners of the Fortymile
  3. Celebrate Alaska’s Gold Rushes
  4. The Search for Gold Along the Koyukuk River
  5. Eagle – Fort Egbert: A Remnant of the Past
  6. Iditarod National Historic Trail

Other BLM Alaska Publications: