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Alaska's Cultural Heritage Program

The public lands entrusted to BLM-Alaska are a wondrous gateway to unparalleled knowledge of the past. From fossil discoveries of ancient dinosaurs that lived above the Arctic Circle millions of years ago, to traces spanning over 14,000 years of our own human past and cultures, these lands are among the world's best outdoor laboratories. We can learn how people and animals lived in Alaska over time, and about the forces that shaped their changing environments. We invite you to share exciting discoveries made on these lands by today's archaeologists, paleontologists, and historians. Please use the navigation menu on the right to explore the many aspects of BLM Alaska's cultural heritage program. We will be adding information on new research over the coming year, so please check back and learn what new discoveries are happening on Alaska's public lands.

Here are a few of the many things you will discover within this site:

Alaskan Homestead cabin. Photo © Alaska Railroad Collection, Anchorage Museum, AEC.G998



The BLM in Alaska has created a whole new website to celebrate Homesteading! Click here to learn about Homesteading in Alaska and all the ways that the BLM is celebrating 150 years of the Homestead Act!  




Check out the Mesa Site!



 Click here or on "Prehistoric Archaeology" on the menu to learn more about the Mesa Site and the earliest Alaskans.



Check out fossils!




Click here or on "Paleontology" on the menu to learn more about BLM Alaska's amazing fossil resources.




Check out Fort Egbert!


 Click here or on "Fort Egbert" on the menu to learn more about Fort Egbert National Historic Landmark.


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