Alaska Cadastral Survey Photos
Alaska Cadastral Survey Photos

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beautiful country Serene Recheshnoi Sunset in Huslia what a sight grizzly bear

BLMAK5 you can never be too prepared travel by boat what a catch! lake trout for dinner tonight

moss covered cabin moss covered rock monument battling the mosquitoes a true Alaskan experience travel by boat

getting ready running gps Alaska at the edge of Canada Mt Village 2001 Smail at base

Pinkston River Plane Wreck Pogany Base Runkle Esai Cabin 2004 Windy Fork Cabin the perfect perch

Flying by Heli near Nikolski Nikolski 4 Wheeler and the town of Nikolski what a view

Pete reviewing maps of the Nanok area Pete headed out for survey in Nanok 2002 Pete setting up tripod Pete with tripod Platinum 2006 The great Alaskan experience

Platinum 2006 Surveying in all conditions Platinum 2006 Surveying in all elements Things may not always be as they appear You never know what you may encounter

flying over US land monument Korovin Alaska 2009 1907 rock monument in Korovin 1907 rock monument

Korovin 1907 Rock Monument an old corner rock monument from 1907 in Korovin Alaska in 2009 Korovin 1980 monument 2009 added to 1980 monument found in Korovin 2009 Korovin monumentation set

using static relative and real-time kinematic positioning techniques Korovin monumentation 2009 Tract A Corner 1 2009 Monument set in original 1907 rock monument location in Korovin Alaska Tract B corner 2 monument placed in original location of rock monument from 1907 corner markers of small tract survey 2009

500D on ledge a view for miles BLMAK6 BLMAK BLMAK2

BLMAK3 Bipod on brass tablet next to glacier at pickup location at camp surrounded by equipment

monument in old burn area bearring tree calculating bearing scribing a bearing tree Surveyors clearing timber

Township corner monument witness point monument helicopter made it to the top to be a mountain goat

Nick with 5700 Rover surveyors at work Wiita on ledge with GPS BLMAK4 It's great to be a surveyor