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Aviation Training

It is important to stay qualified in your aviation training so you remain within DOI policy as an aircrew member or helicopter or fixed wing manager. Supervisors are also required to complete and stay current with aviation training if their employees use aircraft to complete bureau missions. Visit the IAT website to be sure your aviation training is up to date.

B-3 Basic Aviation Safety: This course is mandatory for Aircrew Members. This is defined as an employee that works in and around aircraft and is essential to ensure the safety and successful outcome of the mission. If you are anything more than just a passenger, you are an Air Crew Member. This course is required to be taken every three years. Learn more>

M-3 DOI Aviation Management for Supervisors: This four hour class is a mandatory training for personnel with aviation management responsibilities. M-3 training helps our first and second line supervisors better understand the policies, procedures and best practices regarding the utilization of aviation resources in accomplishing the mission of BLM Alaska. Learn more>

Helicopter Crewmember: Required for employees that routinely ride on helicopters, often without a manager on board. This course is a prerequisite to Helicopter Manager.
Helicopter Manager: This course is a prerequisite to becoming a Helicopter Manager. This course teaches individuals how to understand a contract, load and unload cargo and personnel.

2014 Training Schedule

Date ClassLocation
3/24-28FAC-COR Refresher (40 hr) DOI UniversityNPS building, Anchorage
4/8-10RT-372, Helicopter Manager RefresherBLM AFS, Ft. Wainwright
State of Alaska DNR, Palmer
4/16A-100, Basic Aviation SafetyBLM, Ft. Wainwright
4/17Portable Fuel Site RefresherBLM AFS Fuel Yard, Ft. Wainwright
4/21-25S-372, Helicopter ManagerState of Alaska DNR, Fairbanks
4/21-25S-378, Air AttackState of Alaska DNR, Palmer
4/24Portable Fuel Site Initial 8 hrBLM AFS, Ft. Wainwright
4/28-5/1S-371, Helibase ManagerBLM AFS, Ft. Wainwright
5/7 or 8 A-312, Water DitchingFairbanks (Tentative)
5/8 Portable Fuel Site RefresherBLM AFS Fuel Yard, Ft. Wainwright
5/9-16EFF Helicopter Crewmember AcademyBLM AFS, Ft. Wainwright
5/12-16S-271, Helicopter CrewmemberBLM/NPS, Fairbanks
TBDIAT workshop, A-100, M3 ?


TBDPSD trainingBLM AFS, Ft. Wainwright
TBDPortable Fuel Site RefresherAnchorage

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