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Project Aviation Safety Plan (PASP)

This plan along with a Risk Management Analysis should be completed by the Project Manager. Coordination with local or state aviation management is encouraged. The worksheet should be reviewed by the District Office Manager or delegate, who can make project planning and Risk Management decisions based on the available information. After completing the PASP and Risk Management worksheet you will need to obtain three signatures.

  1. Sign the plan as the project leader.
  2. Obtain a line officer signature. This signature acknowledges that the line officer has reviewed the plan and risk analysis and approves of the flight.
  3. Obtain a signature by a Unit Aviation Manager or Aviation Manager at the state office. This signature shows that the plan has been reviewed and found that it conforms to BLM policies and that it identifies the necessary precautions that flights of that nature must address.

After completion and gathering of signatures, a copy of the PASP must be forwarded to SZ Dispatch. If you will be working at all with AICC, a copy needs to be forwarded there as well. It is acceptable to forward an electronic copy to AICC by emailing them at

Fueling: Your project may require fueling away from an airport. If this type of remote fueling will be part of your project please click on these two links (Intranet links accessible by BLM employees only):


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Many times field work, such as wildlife studies call for aircraft. Remember to plan ahead and be safe.

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