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EPA Publishes NOA of Final IAP/EIS for National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska (12/31/2012)
BLM Issues Oil and Gas Best Practices for Wildlife Protection (12/28/2012)
BLM and Sierra Club Announce Winners of Veterans Day Essay & Photo Contest (12/21/2012)
BLM Holds Public Scoping Meetings for New Vegetation Treatments on Public Lands in Western U.S. (12/21/2012)
Secretary Salazar Announces Milestone on McCoy Solar Energy Project (12/20/2012)
BLM Releases Kuskokwim River Fish Tissue Study Results (12/20/2012)
BLM Releases Haines Planning Area Draft Amendment (12/13/2012)
NPR-A oil & gas lease sale generates $898,900 in revenue (11/7/2012)
BLM Seeks Public Comments on Strategies for Controlling Invasive Plants along the Dalton Highway
BLM Announces 2012 Reclamation and Sustainable Mineral Development Award Winners (10/24/2012)
Interior Department Presents ?Partners in Conservation? Awards to Three BLM-Led Partnerships (10/19/2012)
Yukon Lowlands-Kuskokwim Mountains-Lime Hills Rapid Ecoregional Assessment (10/15/2012)
NPR-A Detailed Statement of Sale Available (10/5/2012)
NPR-A Lease Renewal in Umiat Area (10/01/2012)
Administration Announces NPR-A Oil & Gas Lease Sale in November (9/25/2012)
Ted Murphy named BLM-Alaska Associate State Director (8/3/2012)
BLM Issues Interim Final Rule Regarding Placer Mining Claim Maintenance Fees (07/27/2012)
BLM-Alaska Announces Scoping Period for Hunting Guide Capacity Study (07/26/2012)
BLM-AK to Issue a Supplement to the Draft EIRMP/EIS and Extend the Comment Period (7/3/2012)
Plan for National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska Receives 400,000 Comments (06/21/2012)
BLM to Premiere New Film at Arctic Interagency Visitor Center in Coldfoot (06/18/2012)
Comment Period for National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska Draft Plan extended to June 15th (5/26/2012)
Notice of Tundra Closure for National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska (5/21/2012)
BLM-Alaska Celebrates 150 Years of the Homestead Act (5/18/2012)
Media Advisory: BLM-Alaska Joins Facebook & Twitter, Become a Fan! (05/16/2012)
BLM-Alaska offers Active Duty Military Free Annual Pass to Public Lands (05/16/2012)
BLM Requests Nominations and Comments for 2012 NPR-A Oil & Gas Lease Sale (05/15/2012)
BLM-Alaska Seeks Five Nominations to Resource Advisory Council (05/04/2012)
BLM-Alaska Schedules NPR-A Meetings (04/24/2012)
BLM to Introduce Draft EIRMP/EIS at April 9 Fairbanks meeting (04/06/12)
BLM-Alaska Releases Draft NPR-A Plan (3/29/2012)
BLM-Alaska hosts April NPR-A lecture series (03/23/12)
BLM-AK Releases Eastern Interior Draft RMP/EIS (2/24/2012)
BLM Seeks Nominations to Resource Advisory Councils (02/06/2012)
Media Alert: BLM-Alaska to hold Twitter #tweetchat on 2012 Iditarod (1/27/2012)
2012 BLM Reclamation and Sustainable Mineral Development Awards (01/25/2012)
BLM-Alaska Office of Communications to Change News Release Distribution (01/25/2012)

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