News releases are posted by the Bureau of Land Management public affairs staff. If you have questions regarding a specific news release, please use the contact information listed on the release.

National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska Subsistence Advisory Panel To Meet in Barrow (12/02/2010)
BLM AFS and FDO Office Holiday Closures (12/21/2010)
BLM to Hold Public Scoping Meetings to Discuss the Squirrel River SRMA (11/12/2010)
BLM Reschedules Squirrel River Special Recreation Management Area Public Scoping Meetings (11/22/10)
BLM to Amend Kobuk Seward Peninsula Land Use Plan (10/18/10)
Tangle Lakes Archaeological District OHV Travel Restrictions Extended (10/26/2010)
BLM to reschedule Squirrel River Special Recreation Management Area Public Meetings (10/28/10)
BLM Announces Key Leadership Positions (9/7/10)
NPR-A Oil and Gas Lease Sale Results (08/12/2010)
BLM Invites Public Input at NPR-A Scoping Meetings (8/25/10)
BLM begins planning effort in NPR-A (7/28/10)
BLM Advisory Council to Meet in Glennallen (7/28/10)
Access to Tangle Lakes Campground Restricted Due to Road Construction (07/30/2010)
BLM Seeks Public Input for New Strategy for National Wild Horse and Burro Program (6/4/2010)
BLM Has Second Call for Nominees for its Alaska Resource Advisory Council (6/11/10)
BLM Office of Pipeline Monitoring Moves to Midtown (6/16/10)
BLM Seeks Resource Advisory Council Nominees (05052010)
Local BLM Office to Burn Debris Piles (4/1/2010)
BLM Posts NPR-A Maps for Upcoming Oil & Gas Lease Sale Maps (4/2/10)
BLM Seeks Nominees for Alaska Resource Advisory Council (4/8/10)
BLM Announces Public Scoping For Invasive Plant (weed) Management Strategy (4/21/2010)
Friends of Campbell Creek Science Center receives BLM Public Lands Partnership Excellence award (3/1/2010)
BLM-Alaska Resource Advisory Council to meet in Anchorage (03/25/2010)
President Proposes $1.1 Billion for BLM in Fiscal Year 2011 (2/1/10)
BLM Extends Deadline for Accepting Nominations for Reclamation and Sustainable Mineral Development Awards (1/20/10)
White Mountains 100 Ultra-Marathon Race (01/29/2010)
Secretary Salazar Appoints BLM-Alaska Advisory Council Members (1/29/10)