Newsroom 2009

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Public Input Encouraged for Proposed White Mountains Race (12/04/2009)
Federal Winter Season For Fortymile Caribou Closed in Game Management Unit 20E (11/23/2009)
Federal Winter Season Re-opening for Fortymile Caribou (11/06/2009)
BLM Increases Oil and Gas Processing Fee (11/06/09)
Federal Winter Season for Fortymile Caribou Closed on the Taylor Highway (10/30/2009)
Volunteer, Get Fee-Free Day and More on National Public Lands Day (9/24/09)
BLM Lifts Burn Ban for Interior Alaska (8/11/09)
BLM Fire Prevention Order Imposes Burn Ban in Interior Alaska (8/7/09)
Bob Abbey Confirmed as BLM Director (8/7/09)
Wilma Lewis Confirmed as Assistant Secretary for Land and Minerals Management (8/7/09)
Federal Fall Season for Fortymile Caribou Closed (8/19/09)
BLM-Alaska Gary Reimer Receives 2009 Take Pride in America National Award (7/17/2009)
Public Information Meetings Scheduled For Changing Ownership of Federal Public Lands in the Fortymile/Eagle Region (7/24/2009)
Summit Trail Repair Work (6/29/2009)
BLM Announces Mining Fee Adjustments (6/29/09)
BLM-Alaska Announces Mining Fee Increases ((6/30/09)
Arctic Interagency Visitor Center Opening (5/18/2009)
BLM in Alaska Receives Economic Stimulus Funds (05/04/09)
Notice Of Tundra Closure (4/30/2009)
BLM Seeks Resource Advisory Council Nominees; Application Deadline Approaches (04/03/09)
Public Workshop for Training on Geothermal Energy on Federal Land (4/03/09)
NPR-A Subsistence Advisory Panel Meeting (3/19/2009)
BLM-Alaska Seeks Public Comment on Proposed NTL (Oil and Gas) 3/13/09)
BLM Atigaru Legacy Well Undergoing Remediation (3/13/09)
Dunton Appointed BLM Gas Pipeline Project Manager (3/13/09)
BLM Seeking Volunteer Dalton Highway Campground and Contact Station Hosts (3/2/2009)
BLM Seeks Nominees for Alaska Resource Advisory Council (2/27/09)
BLM-Alaska Resource Advisory Council to meet in Anchorage (2/13/09)
BLM Executes Addedum to National Agreement and Conducts Tribal Outreach (2/6/09)
National Public Lands Foundation Honors BLM-Alaska's Ramona Chinn (1/23/09)
BLM Issues NPR-A Leases (01/06/09)
BLM National Landscape Conservation System Director Named (01/05/09)