2008 Newsroom Archives

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Delete (12/04/08)
BLM Fee for White Mountains Public Recreation Cabins to Increase (12/04/2008)
BLM Announces Final Rule for Land Withdrawals (12/4/08)
Federal Winter Season for Fortymile Caribou Closed in Units 20E and 25C
BLM Announces New Guidance Enhancing Protection and Recovery of Rare Species (12/15/08)
BLM-alaska to Issue NPRA Oil & Gas Leases by Jan.1 2009
Federal Agencies Move to Ease Geothermal Energy Development (12/18/08)
Tundra Travel Opens in National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska (12/19/2008)
New BLM Right-of_Way Rental Fees Reflect Fair Market Value (11/03/08)
BLM Waives Recreation-related Fees for Veterans on Veterans Day (11/06/08)
BLM Releases Record of Decision for Bay RMP (11/14/2008)
Federal Winter Season for Fortymile Caribou Closed (11/07/2008)
NPR-A Subsistence Advisory Panel to Meet in Barrow (11/24/08)
BLM Announces New Rule for Land Withdrawals (10-15-08)
United States and Canada: Northern Oil and Gas Research Forum 2008 (10/22/08)
NPR-A oil & gas lease sale generates $30,961,806 in revenue(09/24/08)
BLM to Hold NPR-A Oil & Gas Lease Sale Sept. 24 (9/23/08)
"Take It Outside" on NPLD (9/22/2008)
BLM Issues Recordable Disclaimer of Interest for Little Scottie Creek (09/10/08)
Nome Creek Road Closure (09/05/2008)
BLM-Alaska Releases Record of Decision for Kobuk-Seward Peninsula RMP (09/04/2008)
NPR-A Subsistence Advisory Panel to Meet in Wainwright (08/04/2008)
September Lease Sale Set for National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska (7/25/2008)
BLM Closes Wickersham Creek Trail to Motorized Use (07/21/2008)
Record of Decision Sets Stage for Major Lease Sale in National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska (07/16/08)
BLM to Continue Accepting Solar Energy Applications (7/2/08)
Plan for Promoting Efficient Responsible Geothermal Energy Development Open for Comment (6/13/2008)
BLM Initiates Environmental Analysis of Solar Energy Development (05/30/2008)
Interior Secretary Kempthorne Presents Presidential Award (5/30/2008)
EPCA Report Offers Road Map for Energy Relief (5/21/08)
Arctic Interagency Visitor Center Opening (5/21/2008)
BLM-Alaska Releases Supplemental Final Plan for Northeast National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska (5/16/08)
Notice of NPR-A tundra travel closure (5/13/2008)
BLM Announces Revisions to Handbook Designed to Make Environmental Reviews More Efficient (5/9/08)
Additional Public Scoping Meetings Scheduled For Eastern Interior RMP (5/5/2008)
BLM Completes Cleanup of East Teshekpuk Well Site (4/11/08)
BLM Seeks Resource Advisory Council Nominees; Application Deadline Approaches (4/2/08)
BLM Schedules Public Scoping Meetings For Eastern Interior Planning (3/12/2008)
BLM Advisory Council to Meet in Anchorage (3/19/08)
BLM-Alaska Releases Record of Decision for Ring of Fire RMP (03/21/2008)
BLM Offers Internet Access to Communication Sites (3/27/08)
President Proposes 2009 BLM Budget (2/4/08)
BLM Seeks Resource Advisory Council Nominees (2/28/2008)
BLM Will Start Collection of $4,000 Processing Fee Application for Permit to Drill (01/02/2008)
BLM Approves First Federal Oil and Gas Unit Agreement (01/31/08)