2007 Newsroom Archives

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Federal Winter Season for Fortymile caribou Closed (12/04/2007)
BLM-Alaska Releases Bay Proposed RMP/Final EIS (12/07/2007)
BLM Proposes Changing Right-of-Way Rental Fees (12/11/07)
Tundra Travel Opens in National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska (12/21/2007)
No Ice Road or Snow Trail Across NPR-A (12/28/2007)
National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska Subsistence Advisory Panel to Meet in Nuiqsut (11/30/2007)
BLM Awards Mayflower Island Remediation Contracts (10/1/07)
Kempthorne Announces Appointments to BLM Advisory Council (10/19/07)
BLM Resource Advisory Council to Meet in Fairbanks (10/29/07)
BLM Announces Purchases of Western Land Parcels (9/4/07)
BLM Updates Mineral Cost Recovery Fee Schedule (9/6/07)
BLM Calls for Nominations for Energy Development Best Practices Awards (9/21/07)
"Take It Outside" on National Public Lands Day (09/24/2007)
BLM Releases Kobuk-Seward Peninsula Proposed RMP/Final EIS (09/28/2007)
BLM-Alaska Extends Public Comment Period for Draft Supplemental Plan for NE NPR-A (9/28/07)
Swede Lake Trail Reopens (8/01/07)
BLM Seeks Public Comment for Draft Supplemental Plan/NE-NPRA (08/20/07
BLM Hosts Live Broadcast on Preparation of Oil & Gas Documents (8/31/07)
BLM Adds Energy Map Viewer to GeoCommunicator Web Site (07/05/07)
BLM Advisory Council to Meet in Nome (7/05/07)
Emergency Closure of Swede Lake Trail System (07/20/2007)
Ted Murphy named new BLM resources chief (6/13/07)
BLM Launches Geothermal Development on Federal Lands (6/14/07)
DOI distributes over $16 million to local Alaska governments (6/18/07)
Juneau-John Rishel Mineral Information Center to Close (6/19/2007)
Vegetation Final EIS available (06/29/07)
John Gould Named Alaska Fire Service Manager (5/10/07)
DOI Stops Work on South NPR-A (5/14/2007)
Rule for Oil and Gas Leasing in NPRA Proposed (5/22/07)
BLM Launches Take It Outside Initiative (5/22/07)
BLM Policy Encourages Solar Energy Development on Public Lands (4/11/07)
BLM Advisory Council to Meet in Anchorage (4/24/07)
NPR-A Subsistence Advisory Panel to Meet in Barrow (03/07/2007)
Final Update of Federal Oil and Gas Regulations (3/07/07)
BLM Looks to Extend Withdrawal for Gillmore Satellite Tracking Station (3/29/07)
BLM Looks to Extend Withdrawal for Cape Fanshaw Natural Area (3/29/07)
BLM to Consider Mineral Entry Withdrawal for Spencer Glacier Recreation Material Site (3/29/07)
BLM Looks to Extend Beaver Creek Withdrawal (3/29/07)
Winter Trails '07 at Campbell Tract (02/05/2007)
BLM Seeks Advisory Council Nominees (2/15/07)
BLM Advisory Council to Meet in Barrow Feb. 7-8 (01/23/07)
Notice to Users of the Nenana to Kantishna Trail (01/26/07)