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Regional Forester Beth Pendleton and Jena Daly of BLMBLM Alaska Youth Advocate Recognized by Forest Service

(Posted July 10, 2014)

Congratulations to BLM land use planner Jorjena Daly of the Anchorage Field Office, who was recently recognized by the US Forest Service Region 10 (Alaska). Daly received the Regional Forester’s Hector Gandara Memorial Award for her work in developing recreational opportunities and natural resource career experiences for Alaskan youth.

Daly is a former outdoor recreation planner who drafted the original grant proposal awarded to the Student Conservation Association (SCA). She and other partners worked with the SCA to develop the “next step” for Anchorage youth who successfully complete a season of work on a Youth Employment in Parks (YEP) crew. The Anchorage Park Foundation and the Municipality of Anchorage offer the YEP opportunity to:

  • Create meaningful “first job” experiences and career pathways for diverse youth to work in the outdoors and natural resources fields.
  • Expose youth to the outdoors and connect them with nature to support healthy lifestyles.
  • Provide youth with community action skills and character development so they may become effective citizens.
  • Build community through enhanced recreation opportunities, parks and public spaces.
The SCA’s YEP Alumni Crew offers successful YEP participants the opportunity to continue another season performing work for partners, including the BLM and the Chugach National Forest. The BLM Anchorage Field Office hosted one national SCA crew while the program was in development and two Anchorage-based youth crews since 2013. This year’s SCA crew includes YEP alumni and gives Alaskan youth valuable hands-on experience working on Alaska’s public lands. While she currently leads the BLM's Bering Sea/Western Interior land use planning effort, Daly continues to manage the SCA agreement and remains an advocate for preparing Alaskan youth for natural resource careers.

Daly was recognized by Regional Forester Beth Pendleton in a ceremony at the Chugach National Forest on July 7, 2014. Pendleton presented the award before the FS Alaska Regional Leadership Team comprised of Chugach and Tongass national forests and Juneau Regional Office Line Officers and Directors.

The award is named after Hector Gandara, a Forest Service EEO specialist in Juneau who served as regional manager of the Alaska Native and Hispanic employment programs and former director of the Young Adult Conservation Corps Camp in Wrangell. The award was created after Gandara's death in 1989.

SCA crew doing trail work at Campbell TractSCA crew loading gravel for trail hardening
The SCA crew loads gravel for trail hardening at the BLM Campbell Tract in July 2014. SCA crewmembers hard at work.
 SCA crew doing invasive plant work at Campbell Tract SCA Weeds Warriors July 2014
The crew takes a break from trail work in July to help tackle invasive plants at Campbell Tract.The SCA "Team BLM" flexes some muscle in the war on weeds!

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