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Eastern Interior Field Office NEPA Register for Fiscal Year 2010

Updated January 14, 2011

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DOI-BLM-AK-02000-2010-0028-EAFF095713  2800.00NRCSSnow survey course and snow telemetry station.7 miles northwest of Eagle, AKOngoing
DOI-BLM-AK-02000-2010-0027-EAFF095715  2930.00Arctic WildSRP- GuidingBeaver and Sheep CreeksCompleted
DOI-BLM-AK-02000-2010-0026-EAFF095680  2850.03Alaska Power and TelephonePowerline R/WAt Northway AlaskaCompleted
DOI-BLM-AK-02000-2010-0025-DNAFF095695  2920.06Alaska Dept. of Fish and GameFuel StorageJoseph Airstrip near Village of Joseph in 40-mile Wild and Scenic River CorridorCompleted 6/14/10
DOI-BLM-AK-02000-2010-0024-DNAFF095700  2920.06Full Metal MineralsMineral ExplorationAreas north of Mosquito Flats and west of ChickenCompleted 5/26/10
DOI-BLM-AK-02000-2010-0023-CXFF095675  2920.06Roger LarsonLong Term CampsiteMile 10.0 of the mainstem of the Forty-Mile RiverCompleted 6/24/10

FF095678  3809.01

FF095677  3715.01

Jeff OwenAmended Plan of OperationsOn the Walker Fork of the Forty-Mile River near Boundary, AKOngoing
DOI-BLM-AK-02000-2010-0021-CXFF095676  2920.06Thomas ReissLong Term Campsite6.3 Miles downstream of headwaters of 40 mile river.Completed 5/17/10
DOI-BLM-AK-02000-2010-0020-CXFF095675  2920.06David WegnerLong Term Campsite2.3 Miles downstream of headwaters of 40 mile river.Completed
DOI-BLM-AK-02000-2010-0019-CXFF035286, FF091428, FF091431, FF000626: LRTR300000.LDTD F001000BLMSite MaintenanceNome Creek Road and Campground; Birch Creek and Cripple Creek Campgrounds; and Pinnell Mtn. Trail.CANCELLED



XII Caesars GoldMining Plan of Ops.Uhler Creek approx. 30 miles north of Chicken Ak.Ongoing
DOI-BLM-AK-02000-2010-0017-CXFF095329  2930.00Yukon QuestUse of Central Field Station for staging areaCentral, AlaskaCompleted 1/27/10
DOI-BLM-AK-02000-2010-0016-CX BLMDrum Removal Ongoing
DOI-BLM-AK-02000-2010-0015-CX FF094093 & FF094092  3808.00BLMSolid Waste Removal10.7 mile to 11.8 mile Ptarmigan Creek and 8.0 mile to 8.5 mile Squaw CreekCompleted 1/22/10
DOI-BLM-AK-02000-2010-0014-CX FF095639  2890.07BLMRepair to water system at Walker Fork camp ground82 Mile Taylor HighwayCompleted 1/22/10
DOI-BLM-AK-02000-2010-0013-CXFF 092362  2920.06Faith ChapelPermit RenewalShen Bible Camp, Tok, AKCompleted 2/4/10
DOI-BLM-AK-02000-2010-0012-DNA FF093904BLMStream restorationHarrison CreekCompleted 1/15/10
DOI-BLM-AK-02000-2010-0011-CXFF095084  2920.00UAF Geophysical InstituteDebris retrievalWhite Mountain NRA, Steese NCA, and Dalton CorridorCompleted 2/10/10
DOI-BLM-AK-02000-2010-0010-EAFF 095637  2890.07BLMWayside construction1 mile north of Chicken, AKCompleted 1/28/10
DOI-BLM-AK-02000-2010-0009-CXFF 91432  2890.07BLMWayside maintenanceLower Birch CreekCompleted 12/30/09
DOI-BLM-AK-02000-2010-0008-CXFF000626  2890.07BLMTrail maintenancePinnell Mountain TrailCompleted 12/29/09
DOI-BLM-AK-02000-2010-0007-EAFF 91431  2890.07BLMWayside maintenanceUpper Birch Creek WaysideCompleted 12/29/09
DOI-BLM-AK-02000-2010-0006-CXFF095639, FF095640, FF095637, FF095638, FF095632   2890.07BLMTrail and Parking lot maintenanceTrails and waysides along Taylor HighwayCompleted 12/31/09
DOI-BLM-AK-02000-2010-0005-EAFF1095633  2930.01Edward PlumbCompetitive RaceWikersham Dome in White Mountains National Recreation AreaCompleted 1/25/10
DOI-BLM-AK-02000-2010-0004-CXFF095632  2890.01BLMTrail MaintenanceTrails near Ft. Egbert near Eagle, AKCompleted 12/28/09
 DOI-BLM-AK-02000-2010-0003-EAFF095612  2920.0640 Mile Air LTD.Fuel storeageJoseph airstrip near old native village of Joseph in 40 mile wild and scenic river corridorCompleted 4/14/10
DOI-BLM-AK-02000-2010-0002-CXFF091438  2890.07BLMRoad maintenance and culvert installationMile 6.5 and 7.0 on Nome Creek RoadCompleted 12/31/09
DOI-BLM-AK-02000-2010-0001-EAFF009622  2890.07BLMTrail maintenance and new trail constructionSummit trail in White Mountains N.R.A.Completed 12/31/09

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