BLM-Alaska NEPA Acronyms

Abbreviations and acronyms used in NEPA related documents:

  AD - Administrative Determination
  AFO - Anchorage Field Office
  AFS - Alaska Fire Service
  ANILCA - Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act
  APD - Application for Permit to Drill
  ASO - Alaska State Office
  CEQ - Council On Environmental Quality
  CRM - Copper River Meridian
  CX - Categorical Exclusion
  DM - Departmental Manual
  DR - Decision Record
  EA - Environmental Assessment
  EIS - Environmental Impact Statement
  FDO - Fairbanks District Office
  FLPMA - Federal Land Policy and Management Act
  FS - Forest Service
  FONSI - Finding Of No Significant Impact
  GFO - Glennallen Field Office
  JPO - Joint Pipeline Office
  KRM - Kateel River Meridian
  LUP - Land Use Plan
  MFP - Management Framework Plan
  NEPA - National Environmental Policy Act
  NF - National Forest
  OHV - Off-highway Vehicle
  PL - Public Law
  PLO - Public Land Order
  R. - Range
  RFFA - Reasonably Foreseeable Future Action
  RMP - Resource Management Plan
  R/W - Right-of-way
  Sec. - Section
  SM - Seward Meridian
  SOP - Standard Operating Procedure
  SRP - Special Recreation Permit
  T. - Township
  VRM - Visual Resource Management

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