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All brochures are available at the BLM Public Rooms in the Anchorage Federal Building, Fairbanks District Office, Anchorage District Office, and at the Glennallen Field Office. The brochure digital versions are low resolution files for faster downloads.  To obtain any printed brochures, please contact the BLM offices listed above.

BLM in Alaska BrochureOverview of BLM-Alaska programs and offices.1177 Kb12.08.2016
Freshwater Fishing Recreation Guide.Find out what fishing opportunities your public lands has to offer.1274 Kb12.08.2016
River Adventures Recreation GuideFind out where the best rivers are to float on BLM public lands. Includes river classification, boating safety, and directions.2018 Kb12.08.2016
Delta Wild and Scenic River BrochureLearn what the Delta River area has to offer.784 Kb12.08.2016
Gulkana Wild and Scenic River BrochureThe Gulkana is one of BLM's most popular recreational rivers and part of the National Wild and Scenic River system. Find out why.1134 Kb12.08.2016
Gulkana River Floater's GuideNeed to know information for floating the Gulkana Wild and Scenic River.9506 Kb12.08.2016
Denali Highway BrochureFeel like a road trip? There are many things to do along the Denali Highway.760 Kb12.08.2016
Taylor Highway BrochureLearn about the gold rush history of the Fortymile gold country and the Taylor Highway.1361 Kb12.08.2016
Iditarod National Historic Trail BrochureLearn more about Alaska's only National Historic Trail. It's a 2,400-mile trail system used year-round from hikers to dog mushers.668 Kb12.08.2016
Steese and Elliot Highways BrochureThe Steese and Elliot Highways are the gateway to the White Mountains National Recreation Area and the Steese National Conservation Area --not to mention lots of trails for hiking and winter recreation.3188 Kb12.08.2016
Fortymile Wild and Scenic River BrochureThe Fortymile River offers river adventure and fun for all skill levels and is part of the National Wild and Scenic Rivers system.3521 Kb12.08.2016
Guide to Gold Panning on the Kenai Peninsula. Forest Service & BLM gold panning and prospecting booklet.3001 Kb12.08.2016
Dalton Highway- Recreational Mining brochureThere are lots of areas to find precious metals in the creeks nad streams along the Dalton Highway. Find out how and where.1434 Kb12.08.2016
17(b) Easement BrochureGeneral information about 17(b) easements. What are they? How do you identify a 17(b) easement? What can you do on a 17(b) easement? Information about laws and authorities concerning 17(b) easements.2978 Kb07.04.2009
Dinosaurs on Alaska's North SlopeLearn about the dinosaurs that once roamed Alaska's North Slope.1734 Kb21.03.2016
Tangle Lakes Archaeological District BrochureLearn about the Tangle Lakes Archaeological District (TLAD) along the Denali Highway. Lots of great trails!1812 Kb12.08.2016