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BLM-Alaska FRONTIERS news journal

Frontiers, the Bureau of Land Management's news journal for Alaska, delivers exciting and insightful articles on the latest environmental actions, news, policies, and recreational areas. Frontiers connects with a wide audience of active readership, especially those who live, explore, and travel on our spectacular public lands in Alaska.

TO SUBSCRIBE (free), please send an e-mail to the managing editor, Karen J. Laubenstein, at  Tell us if you want an email when Frontiers is online or a print copy mailed to you.  We hope you enjoy FRONTIERS and learning what the BLM is doing in Alaska.

Frontiers Winter/Spring Issue 125 - The Force of Science

Frontiers issue 125 cover

          • Rules to Play By: Wood heating Tips 
          • New Dinosaur Discovery: Meet ancient grazer UGRUNAALUK KUUKPIKENSIS 
          • BLM Contributes to Circumpolar Biodiveristy Monitoring Efforts: meeting in Norway 
          • Sea Squirt Invades Southeast Alaska: Learn about the invasive species causing problems in Whiting Harbor
          • BLM Alaska Adopts National AIM Strategy: The AIM process will help the BLM collect quantitative information at a landscape level and in concert with other state and federal agencies 
          • An Engineering Marvel: Trans-Alaska Pipeline System: learn about how it was specially built to handle Alaska 
          • News Flashes: accomplishments as well as news from around the state
          • TV Portrayals may be a Long Way From Reality: Alaska – Living Off the Grid

Issue 125 online version PDF | Issue 125 print version PDF

 Frontiers Fall Issue 124 - Fall in Love with Your Trails

Frontiers issue 124 cover

          • Rules to Play By: Public lands can provide warmth and holiday cheer
          • Alaska Reality TV: Behind the Scenes with the BLM 
          • Putting out Fires; Paying Back Favors: Fire season wrap-up 
          • Mushing the 'Whites': Learn about mushing the White Mountains National Recreation Area with two local mushers 
          • Partnering for Public Access: Learn our 17(b) easement projects 
          • Our Teachers on the Public Lands: BLM Alaska sponsored two “Teachers on the Public Lands” for the Copper River Watershed and the BLM Campbell Tract/Campbell Creek Science Center.
          • News Flashes: Youth Outdoor projects as well as news from around the state

Issue 124 online version PDF | Issue 124 print version PDF


Frontiers Summer Issue 123 - Abundance of Summer 

Frontiers issue 123 cover

          • Rules to Play By: The Doggy Doo Dilemma 
          • Summer of Smoke and Flames: Alaska is shaping up to have a record breaking fire season
          • Wildberries of Alaska: Learn about the wildberries of Alaska and where to pick them
          • Listening in Lower Kalskag: Community voices concerns about Red Devil Mine 
          • Alaska's Heritage- Roadhouses: Learn about the history of this early travel accommodation 
          • Eyes on the Arctic: Facts about BLM's involvement in the U.S. Arctic
          • News Flashes: BLM welcomes two new District Office managers as well as news from around the state

Issue 123 online version PDF | Issue 123 print version PDF 


 Frontiers Spring Issue 122 - Knowledge is Golden

Frontiers issue 122 cover

          • Copper River Basin Race Volunteers: Working sled dog race checkpoints is tough
          • Avoid Living Dangerously: Alaska Fire Season is coming 
          • Alaska's Most Seductive Metal: Learn about recreational gold panning and some intersting gold facts 
          • Using Science to Recover Streams: The Jake Wade Creek project
          • Are These the Northernmost Rainbow Trout in the World? A tagged trout goes the distance
          • BLM Alaska Realigns Boundaries: Planning and District boundaries have been changed 
          • News Flashes: News from around the state

Issue 122 online version PDF |Issue 122 print version PDF


Frontiers Fall-Winter Issue 121 - Fall in Love with Alaska

Frontiers issue 121 cover

          • What in the world is an ACEC? As part of its management of federal public lands, the BLM designates Areas of Critical Environmental Concern
          • Exploring Caribou Biology: Students learn about caribou at Onion Portage
          • Alaska Subsistence: What it means to live off land and
            water resources 
          • The Man Who “Rarely Sleeps” Captures Alaska: The adventure BLMer Bob Wick had in Alaska 
          • Artist in Residence in Eagle: BLM hosted Fairbanks
            writer Ned Rosell as its first summer Artist-in-Residence
          • BLM celebrates National Public Lands Days in Alaska: Lots of events held around the state
          • News Flashes: News from around the state

Issue 121 online version PDF |Issue 121 print version PDF

Frontiers Spring-Summer Issue 120 - Discover Your Public Lands

Frontiers issue 120 cover

          • New Dinosaur Species discovered: Meet Nanuqsaurus hoglundi
          • 40th Anniversary of Outdoor Week: Wow! 40 years of getting students outdoors and excited about science 
          • 25th Anniversary of Tripod Flats Cabin: Fond memories of building the Iditarod National Historic Trail cabin 
          • Seward Peninsula REA Completed: The assessment results show climate change impacts in the ecoregion  
          • Foresters: The Next Generation: ANSEP students learn forestry and soil science techniques 
          • Keeping Seeds Native:  A visit to the Alaska Plant Materials Center 
          • ANCSA 14(c) Surveys: Learn about the importance of this entitlement 
          • News Flashes: News from around the state.
          • What’s Happening in the NPR-A: Status on NPR-A projects

            Issue 120 online version PDF |Issue 120 print version PDF

Frontiers Winter Issue 119 - Science on Public LandsFrontiers 119 cover

          • BLM Middle Kuskokwim River Fish Study: 
            Learning more about Mercury in Western Alaska Fish  
          • Early Clean-Up Action Proposed for
            Red Devil Mine
          • BLM Helps Permit Broadband Expansion: Keeping people connect in Northwest Alaska 
          • Caribou Studies Benefit Managers, Users: Caribou heard studies in northern Alaska 
          • Keeping Watch on the Arctic: New North Slope land cover map data 
          • Year-round Science at Campbell Tract: 5th graders learn about forests, butterfly study, and bioassement of Campbell Creek 
          • Iditarod Ceremonial Start Finishes and Campbell Tract 
          • BLM Gathers Public Comments on First Proposed Oil Production Well in NPR-A: Greater Mooses Tooth Unit 1 Project
          • Resource Advisory Council's New Members: Meet the new members and join the RAC!
          • SUPER DOGS! Redefining Dog Physiology as Athletes
          • News Flashes: Short articles about various happenings from around the state.
          • Bringing Wildlife Leadership Home: Wildlife Biologist Sarah Bullock 

            Issue 119 online version PDF  |  Issue 119 print version  PDF 

 Frontiers Fall Issue 118 - Catching Air on BLM Lands 
Frontiers 118 cover

          • Skiing to New Heights Along the Denali Highway: Learn about Speed Flying on BLM-managed public lands 
          • Better Safe Than Sorry: Cautionary hunting story 
          • Capturing Auroras: Learn how to take good aurora photos and some hot spots to catch them 
          • A Wild Horse Adventure Becomes a Lifestyle: A trek from South America to Alaska 
          • Public Land Event Planning: Do you need a Special Recreation Permit?  Read this article to find out.
          • Giving Back to Galena: AFS helps out a town devastated by flood waters 
          • Join the BLM Team: How you can get involved with the BLM in Alaska
          • News Flashes: News from around the state.
          • Alaska Campground Icons Retire: Glennallen Field Office says farewell to retiring campground hosts 

            Issue 118 online version PDF  |  Issue 118 print version  PDF 


Frontiers Summer Issue 117 - Find Your Adventure 

Frontiers 117 cover

          • Experiencing the best of Alaska: Delta Wild and Scenic River  
          • Wildland fires in Alaska: Be aware, be prepared! 
          • 2012 Year in Review: A round-up of happening and accomplishment over the past year
          • Two Alaska BLMers Receive National Awards: Congradulations Lisa Shon Jodwalis and Marcia Butorac
          • Managing Landscapes: Alaska's Rapid Ecological Areas
          • Meet BLM-Alaska’s newest leaders: Several new people incharge of offices and programs around the state 
          • News Flashes: Short articles about various happenings from around the state. 
          • Bringing the Arctic Alive: BLM-Alaska's film titled- Arctic Vison and Voices

            Issue 117 online version PDF  |  Issue 117 print version  PDF 

Frontiers Winter Issue 116 - Science on our public lands

Frontiers 116 cover

          • A New Dinosaur Discovery on BLM-Alaska Lands : Meet Pacyrhinosaurus perotorum
          • What’s happening to the lakes in the NPR-A’s Fish Creek Watershed? The lakes are changing and the BLM Arctic field office and partners are conducting research to find the cause of the changing lakes.
          • For Climate researchers there’s no place like Nome Creek:  Climate researchers have made an outdoor laboratory of this valley an hour’s drive north of Fairbanks. 
          • Coastal Erosion Affects BLM Arctic Lands: Research on the coast on the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska 
          • News Flashes: Short articles about various happenings from around the state. 
          • Providing Data for Avian Malaria Research: BLM biologists collect bird data on Campbell Tract in Anchorage, Alaska

Issue 116 online version PDF  |  Issue 116 print version  PDF


 Frontiers Archive 

Issue 115 Fall 2011
Broadband Comes to SW Alaska * On Assignment in Alaska * Through Their Eyes: First-time Volunteers  *  Floating on Air: Packrafting Birch Creek Wild and Scenic River * Project for Hope and Healing* News from around the state

Issue 114 Summer 2011
America's Great Outdoors * A Road to Adventure * Volunteers wage War on Invasive Plants * Statewide News 

Issue 113 Spring 2011
Breaking the Ice: North Slope Science Initiative  * Winter Trails Day 2011 Fun for All Ages  * BLM Hosts Iditarod Ceremonial Start 2011  * BLM-Alaska Welcomes New Key Staff  * Tracking Oreamnos americanus * Statewide News 

Issue 112 Winter 2011
Winter Biking- A Possibly Crazy Tradition * Trail Teachers Set a New Course * Crew Saves Historic Steele Creek Roadhouse * A Cautionary Tale: Riding on Packing Peanuts into Alaska's * White Mountains * Statewide News

Issue 111 Fall 2010
Bud Cribley—Realizes a Lifelong Dream New BLM-Alaska State Director * Planning for all of the NPR-A * Reroofing the Kink Cabin * Alaska Smokejumpers Make-a-Wish Come True * Alaska Fire Service Goes International * Taking Kids Outside in the Copper River Valley * Centennial Milestones * Statewide News 

Issue 110 Summer 2010
Young workers * Science Center hosts radio celebrity * Ballast Water Treatment Facility overhauled * Sourdough Campground is accessible * Red Devil Mine meetings * ARRA projects update * Alaska history of NLCS * A Celebration! National Public Lands Day* Click It! Resources at your fingertips * Statewide News

Issue 109 Spring 2010
10th Anniversary of National Lanscape Conservation System (NLCS) * BLM-Alaska State Director to Retire * White Mountains 100 Ultra Marathon Race * Career Training for Alaska Youth * Graduate Work in Alaska * Youth at Alaska Forum * Science Center Friends Group Wins Award * ARRA Project Update * Statewide News

Issue 108 Fall 2009-Winter 2010 
In this issue: Raven Bluff Site * First ARRA project completed * Red Devil Mine Projects * Refuge from the Storm * Improving Summit Trail * New Field Manager * Connecting to the Community * Working From the Heart * Job Corps Students Lend a Hand * Alaska State Fair Exhibit * Moose–More than a Heliport Hazard * Climate Change Legislation in the 19th Century? * Resolved: Unauthorized Use Cases * The Fiery Season of 2009 * National Public Lands Day * National Landscape Conservation System 10th Anniversary

Issue 107 Summer 2009
BLM-Alaska Receives Stimulous Money * Iditarod Trail Centennial goes to the fair * 2009 Federal Land Manager Award * Land use planning update * 50 years fighting fire in Alaska * Connecting Alaska * Campbell Tract trailhead gets new look * Permitting on our public lands * Statewide News

Issue 106 Spring 2009
In this issue: Fighting Fires from the Sky* "There's no place like Nome"* Delta National Wild, Scenic and Recreational River Plan is underway* Fifty years before Alaska's statehood* Does your group size fit?* President signs Public Lands Act* BLM-Alaska land transfer manager receives national award* Statewide News

Issue 105 Winter 2008
In this issue: A Cabin of a Different Sort* 2008 Environmental Award for East Teshekpuk Legacy Well Remediation Team* American Dipper* Barrow students experience Ivotuk Science Field Camp * Pulling Hard for the BLM* Invasive Cure your Winter Blahs *  Excited about Planning? You Betcha! * Four Land Use Plans* LBJ's Role in Alaska History *Get Outdoors*A Treasue Trove of Resources *  Statewide News

Issue 104 Fall 2008
In this issue: Oil and Gas Lease Sale Generates $30,961,806 * New and Revised Publications * Dugan Nielsen* East Teshekpuk Well Site Cleanup * Iditarod National Historic Trail Centennial * Quest For Alaska’s Gold * Invasive Weeds in Alaska * New Field Manager at Anchorage Field Office * Luise Woeflein: Excellence in Environmental Education* Long Lost Letter *Cool, Wet Summer * Land Use Planning Update * North Slope Science Initiative Making Inroads * Statewide News

Issue 103 Summer 2008
In this issue: Geocaching on public lands in Alaska * Jerry Brossia * Presidential Recognition * Simple Pleasures: Bird-watching * Take it Outside! * Outdoor Week 2008 photos* Lands are changing hands: Lime Village *  Unsung Hero of the Alaska Purchase * New field manager in Glennallen * BLM-Alaska's new Recreation Web site * Statewide News * Firewise

Issue 102 Spring 2008
In this issue: Winter Trails Day 2008 * Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline * Remove unauthorized/property from BLM public lands * Yukon Quest * Kick off of the Iditarod NHT Centennial * Denali Highway adventure * Overbaugh wins Mardy Murie award *  Resource management plans Lands are changing hands

Issue 101 Winter 2007-2008
In this issue: Iditarod National Historic trail Centennial* New State Director * Take it Outside * Southern University Visits the Bering Glacier * Wildfire! * Goldrush Cabin Restoration

Issue 100 Summer 2006
In this issue: A road less traveled * Steele Creek roadhouse * The red can brand * Alaska trails * Trading spaces in Juneau

Issue 99 Spring 2006
Who's 100 years old? * Who likes snowmachines? * Who needs a permit?

Issue 98 Winter 2005
Down on the bayous * ANLCA 25 years * Scouting for Seeds * Richardson Highway * The Wonder of White * Petroleum Reserve goes solar * Statewide News

Issue 97 Fall 2005
Mystery Migrants * Tiny Visitors * Pipe Dreams * 185 Acres of Prevention * Statewide news roundup

Issue 96 Summer 2005
Alaska Invaded * Growing pains on the Gulkana * June Harvest * Land at your Fingertips * Statewide news roundup

Issue 95 Spring 2005
Revised NE Petroleum Reserve Plan under review * Science on the Public Lands * Smile! You're on Salmon Cam * At The Tip of the Icebergs

Issue 94 Winter 2004-05
Conveyances Accelerated * Juneau Minerals Center * Fire Season Aftershocks * Sitka Blockhouse * Solomon Conveyance * Mongolians Check Out JPO * State news roundup

Issue 93 Fall 2004
Our biggest fire season ever * White Mountains blackened * Alpine Final EIS * Alphabet Hills * RAC'in in Unalakleet * Recordable Disclaimers * State news roundup

Northwest Lease Sale Nets $53.9 million * Alaska's "Lewis and Clark" * Doin the Dalton * 125 miles or 125 miles * Cleaning Umiat * State news roundup

Issue 91 Winter 2003-04
BLM finalizes plan for Northwest NPR-A * Ultimate Challenge * Iditarod NHT turns 25 * Northern dinosaurs * Fire season wrapup * Advisory Council Expands * State news roundup

 Issue 90 Fall 2003
BLM launches bold plans to finish land transfers by 2009 * Northern Exposure * Sleepless in Tozitna * Who's 100* Border cleanup * For the birds * State news round-up

Issue 89 Summer 2003
BLM to take second look at northeast NPR-A * Award winning Alaskans * Big changes at Tangle Lakes * An interior secret * Two new resource plans * Statewide news round-up

Issue 88 Spring 2003
BLM to analyze proposed oil development in northeast NPR-A * Another 8.8 million acres to plan * Got gas? * Research aplenty * TAPS encore * Koyukuk mining * Statewide news round-up

Issue 87 Winter 2002
White Mountains NRA added to BLM's national conservation system * Our long hot summer * Meet BLM's new boss * Cool school * Counting the ellusive harlequin * Statewide news round-up

Issue 86 Fall 2002
NPR-A lease sale* Gulkana River Survey* Driving Denali* Is Autumn Alaska's Shortest Season?* Middle Fork Trail Tests New Technology* Statewide news round-up

Issue 85 Spring 2002
BLM-ASD Fran Cherry goes to WO, Henri Bisson new AK ASD * BLM national director visits Alaska * Olympics wrap-up * Denali Highway goes to the dogs * Colville River plan delayed * Fire planned in Alphabet Hills

Issue 84 Winter 2002
Alaskans lend a hand to help a city recover * Pipeline comments * The other side of NPR-A * Bridging the White Mountains * Meet your new RAC * News around Alaska

Issue 83 Fall 2001
The last homestead * Where's Johnny? * Dalton Cache restored * British Invasion * News around Alaska

Issue 82 Summer 2001
RAC tours Colville River * Firefighters fix cabin * Latest on easements * Eyes in the Sky * Russian smokejumpers * News around Alaska

Issue 81 March/April 2001
It's Iditarod Time! * Iditarod Shelter Cabins * BLM suspends 3809 regs for public review * Protect your property from wildland fires * Pipeline companies apply for the renewal of rights-of-way authorizations for Trans-Alaska Pipeline

Issue 80 Jan/Feb 2001
JPO hires consultants to assure safety * BLM rolls out final OHV strategy * Secretary signs Campbell Tract withdrawal extension * Plans for the Campbell Tract include accessible trails * BLM plans EIS for pipeline right-of-way * Alyeska employee survey shows improvement * JPO overhauls oil spill plan after 1989 disaster * Lower 48 blazes beat Alaska fires by miles * Congress increases fire prevention budget * Winter fires burns tundra * Thinning trees reduce urban wildfires * Last summer's 368 wildfires fewer than the state average of 630 * Western Arctic Caribou Herd group meets in Kotzebue

Issue 79 Fall 2000
Alaska's homestead era comes to an end * It's been 20 years since ANILCA was signed - but who's counting? * Changing times require changes in planing * BLM honors Carter for signing ANILCA * Free land, gold mines, a fresh start - the stuff of dreams to early settlers * Follow those minerals! * Wild West ended when settles took leave of their "census" * Varooom!!! Faster than a covered wagon! * Managing places for wide-open spaces * Director Fry swaps land duty for ocean industry * BLM releases Ketchikan geophysical survey report * BLM publishes final EIS on proposed 3809 surface mining regulations

Issue 78 June/July 2000
Friendly flowers or wilful weeds? * Wild about plants! They're wild - gardening with native plants * Did you know? * BLM geology team continues search in Koyukuk mining district * Making things right at the Maclaren Glacier * BLM abandoned mine lands program reduces risks to health safety and the environment * Proposed regs address oil and gas leasing in NPRA

Issue 77 April/May 2000
Retreating glacier reveals ancient forest * Receding ice reveals sinking ancient forest * Bering Glacier identified as key ecological site * Discovery Prescribed fire planned for the Alphabet Hills * Campbell Creek - the Sun Moves It * BLM poet takes top honors in DOI contest * BLM helps marathon mapping project * University analyzes Gulkana River surveys

Issue 76 Feb/March 2000
John & Clyde's Frontier Adventure * 1939 road trip paves way for Alaska Highway * "No thanks, I'll pass" * NPR-A subsistence advisory panel meets in Barrow * Historic Iditarod Trail cabin gets a facelift * Alaska Fire Service collects for costs of 1996 fires

Issue 75 Nov/Dec 1999
900 Acres up in smoke * Frostfire - 900 Acres up in smoke may save countless arces later * Nome Creek Road - gateway to White Mountains NRA * Changing of the guard * ARLIS offers bones, books, and info * Alyeska hold oil spill exercise on Gulkana River * Word travels about Alaska archaeology handbook for teachers

Issue 74 July/Aug 1999
Full of sound and fury * Council seeks new solution to a not-so-new problem * What's a RAC? * Reduce fire damage with defensible landscaping * Juneau Gold Rush days * Swiftwater rescue training pays off on Gulkana * No digging, please * Iditarod Trail picked for Millennium Trails Program * Handbook uses time travel and fiction to teach archaeology * Lee's Cabin reopens

Issue 73 May/June 1999
Iditarod Trail work is never done * Rediscovering fire * Big changes for AFS communications * Fort Egbert celebrates 100 years! * BLM volunteers "Making a Difference" * BLM-Alaska has new state director * BLM wins Federal Employee of three years running

Issue 72 March/April 1999
BLM sets NPR-A lease sale for May 5 * North Slope and BLM create new natural resource internship program * Inupiat Heritage Center opens in Barrow * Whaling is a key part of the Inupiat culture, in ancient days and today * New tracks would save people and moose * East meets north on the Last Frontier * DOI celebrates 150 years of service * BLM wants public comment on future mineral studies * Restrictions on motorized access to closed Gulkana National Wild River boat launch * BLM seeks advisory council nominees * Roadside reverie ...

Issue 71 Jan/Feb 1999
Protecting the predators * RAPS student strikes gold * RAPS and ROCKS * BLM releases Squirrel River EIS * New special management area * Subsistence board closes caribou hunt * BLM extends comment period for proposed Oil and Gas Rule * Pipeline ROW issued * Gulkana River Study progresses * Alaskans get second chance to comment on new surface management regulations * One way to stay warm * Iditarod champion musher Buser wins Copper Basin 300 sled dog race * Volunteers needed!

Issue 70 Nov/Dec 1999
Among the Fields of Green * Mapping veggies * Babbitt signs Record of Decision * Oil & Gas leasing in the NPR-A * Okay, ... let's give it another try * Dredging up a solution * BLM's new website outlines film permit process Costs of Firefighting Last Long After the Smoke is Gone * No fires, firearms, fireworks, ...

Issue 69 Sept/Oct 1998
New managers for Northern Alaska BLM * Kids on Public Land Day * Horsing around on the last frontier * Iditarod Trail Council schedules final meeting * A tale of two cleanups * Only one major Alaska fire for 1998 * Powerline decision reached for Golden Valley * BLM distributes $8 million * BLM state director announces retirement * Gulkana River planning begins

Issue 68 July/Aug 1998
BLM preserves Sitka cemetery and Russian blockhouse * Sitka's past * Interior officials review Alaska programs * No invitation, but they moved in anyway * BLM unveils proposed NPR-A management plan * Campgrounds rise up from mountains of mining tailings * Early days - golden times * Set the table - it's dinner time! * Remote Access Weather Station (RAWS) * Public Land Laws of Alaska * Gulkana River system Limits of Acceptable Change (LAC)