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Glennallen Field Office Trails Information

BLM Glennallen Field Office
Richardson and Denali Highway Trails

The Glennallen Field Office has over 900 miles of recreational trails within its management boundaries. Due to the geographic expanse of the district, stretching from the Copper River in the east to the Denali National Park in the west, active management on all of these trails is extremely challenging.Hiker on Glennallen Field Office Area Trail

All posted trail mileage is approximate.

It is your responsibility to go prepared!

For further information on these or other trails within the BLM Glennallen Field Office, please call 907-822-3217

Rider on Off Road Vehicle


The lands encompassing the BLM district are rugged, wild and remote.

Plan ahead: 

  • carry a proper map, compass, and GPS;
  • always tell someone where you are going and when you plan on returning; and
  • carry enough supplies, water, food, and first aid to face possible challenges.

Many trails and routes are not maintained. Riders should plan ahead for emergencies such as equipment failure or getting stuck in remote areas.

Trail restoration before and after photo

Before and after shots:  Trail rehabilitation


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ANCSA 17(b) Public Access Easements

Many trails are marked as 17(b) easements.  This means that a portion of the trail is an easement across private land to access public land.  There are different allowable uses on different 17 (b) easements, but generally, you must travel directly through the easement to get to public land, staying to the designated trail until reaching public land to avoid trespassing.  Camping, parking or blocking the easement in any way is not permitted.  For specific information on easements within the BLM Glennallen Field office management area, contact our field office at 907-822-3217.


Please pay particular attention to trails classified as 17(b) easements, trails within the Tangle Lakes Archaeological District (TLAD), or trails accessing Wild and Scenic River Corridors as they have specific use limitations and restrictions.