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Brushkana Creek Campground
Volunteer Host Position Description

Brushkana Creek Campground is located adjacent to Brushkana Creek at Milepost 104 on the Denali Highway. The country is very scenic with the Alaska Range to the north. Vegetation is tundra and wildlife you may encounter is eagle, moose, caribou, waterfowl, porcupine and more. This is a favorite location for bird viewing. Grayling are fished for in the creek. 
The campground facilities include: 22 campsites (each with a table, parking pad and fire ring), picnic shelter, three outhouses, fee station, bulletin boards, and a trail register stand. The campground has potable water (hand pump).
Snow opens and closes the campground. The campground is busy from approximately early June through Labor Day. Heaviest use is generally over the July 4th holiday and during August/September hunting season.
Duties of the campground hosts will include checking campers for fee payment; securing fee payment prior to transfer to the Field Office; helping the campers and providing area information; explaining campground use policies; light maintenance duties such as staining picnic tables and picking up excess litter; reading traffic counter and maintaining records of campground use daily; checking register stand and collecting register sheet data; and, reporting any problems or incidents to the Field Office Outdoor Recreation Planner. The campground host will provide outhouse janitorial maintenance daily or as needed. This involves cleaning/disinfecting the toilet seats and risers, washing the walls, keeping toilet paper dispensers full, and washing or sweeping the floors. Collect garbage daily or as needed and dispose of once a week or when necessary. Recreation maintenance staff can help with transport. Disposal site is the Mat-Su Borough dumpster located at mile 82 Denali Highway. 
Dates of duty are approximately Memorial Day through mid-September.   The work rotation is generally 10 workdays on and 4 days off (every other M-TH).
Host couple preferred but will accept a single person. Campground hosts amenities will include a $42/day/host meal cost reimbursement and mileage payment for use of personal vehicle for BLM business (generally one trip per week to the dumpster site and Cantwell, and approximately two trips per season to the Field Office). It also includes some reimbursement for generator fuel and propane. A Kawasaki Mule UTV is provided for daily work.
The position requires that the hosts provide their own housing in the form of a recreational vehicle. No hookups for power, water or sewer are available. Potable water (from hand pump) is located at Brushkana Campground across from the host site. BLM provides a dump cart for emptying RV sewage tank. Communication with the Filed Office will be by satellite phone and two-way radio supplied by BLM.
Gracious House (located at mile 82 on the Denali Hwy.) has a restaurant, fuel, and lodging (when open). Most facilities are 30 miles to the west in Cantwell. Facilities include: gas stations, grocery store (limited), restaurants, post office, State Troopers and more. Prices are fairly high. The nearest medical facility is located in Healy to the north of Cantwell on the Parks Hwy (Cantwell has a Native Village Clinic that can handle minor problems). The BLM Glennallen Field Office is located in Glennallen at Milepost 186.5 on the Glenn Highway (357 miles to the southeast of the campground).
June is usually somewhat dry and sunny. July is often rainy and August varies, with autumn arriving about mid-month. It can snow during any month, but also can get in the 80's during the summer. Be prepared for any kind of weather.
Brushkana Creek Campground Map and Rules Interpretive Panel
Revised 12/2013