Dalton Invasive Plant Management


Project map (PDF/187 kb)

Maps from the Draft Dalton Management Area Integrated Invasive Plant Strategic Plan

The following maps show documented locations of invasive plants species along the Dalton Highway.

Map 1 - Yellow toadflax and common tansy

Map 2 - Oxeye daisy

Map 3 - Common pepperweed, meadow foxtail, delphinium, Iceland poppy, spreading bluegrass, purple sand spurry, and birdsfoot trefoil

Map 4 - Bird vetch

Map 5 - Reed canary grass and smooth brome

Map 6 - Narrowleaf hawkweed

Map 7 - Yellow and white sweetclover

Map 8 - Alfalfa and alsike clover

Map 9 - Narrowleaf hawksbeard

Map 10 - Foxtail barley

Map 11 - Shepherd's purse, lamb's quarters, and dandelion

Map 12 - Pineapple weed, bluegrass, and prostrate knotweed

Map 13 - Wormseed mustard, common yarrow, and common plantain