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Red Devil Mine - CERCLA Administrative Record #1: Non-Time Critical Removal Action

This page makes available the documents that comprise the now closed Administrative Record (AR) for past Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) related actions at the Red Devil Mine.  The AR contains a number of historic records about the Red Devil Mine's operation from 1939 until closure in 1971.  It also includes significant reports and documents that may be helpful in understanding the environmental response actions that BLM has taken there leading to initiation of a CERCLA Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study (RI/FS) in 2008. 

An electronic copy of each historic document is indexed below.  The documents are ordered by date, with oldest first.  Date format is YYYY-MM-DD.  Each document is in Adobe Reader version 7.0 or higher .pdf format.  Many of the files are quite large and depending on your computer's capability or Internet connection speed it may take up to several minutes for the file to open; for faster access you may want to save the .pdf to your computer first and then open it from there.

INDEX:  Red Devil Mine Administrative Record #1

  1. Report of Investigations 4065, Mercury Deposits of Southwestern Alaska 1947-05-00
  2. Supplemental Report 1947-05-00
  3. Mercury Samples from the Kuskokwim River System 1971-04-21
  4. Summary of Alaska Trip 1971-06-01
  5. Mine at Red Devil 1971-07-06
  6. Letter to Mr. James L. Agee, Regional Director, EPA 1971-07-09
  7. Memo to Stephen G. Provant, Physical Scientist 1971-09-02
  8. Mercury in the Kuskokwim River System 1971-10-20
  9. Water Sediment Sample Results 1979-07-31
  10. Extract of Mine History & Production Report 1983-00-00
  11. ­ADEC Waste Ponds Preliminary Assessment 1984-09-25
  12. Letter to Ms. Cynthia Martin, Contracting Officer, BLM 1986-04-25
  13. Phase I Approach to Site Inspection 1986-08-00
  14. Executive Summary, 1987 ADEC Report 1987-00-00
  15. Superfund Site Investigation-Red Devil Mine, CERCLA # AKD980495618, Cover Letter 1987-05-07
  16. Red Devil Mine AKD 980495618 CERCLA Site Inspection Report 1987-09-01
  17. Letter to Bill H. Lamoreaux, Regional Supervisor, Southcentral Regional Office 1988-03-21
  18. Red Devil Site May Be Contaminated, Anchorage Daily News 1988-08-05
  19. Site Inspection Report 1989-06-00
  20. Letter to Carl Lautenberger, US Environmental Protection Agency 1989-07-02
  21. Letter to Max Schwenne, Dept. of Environmental Conservation 1989-07-20
  22. Letter to Postmaster, Crooked Creek Post Office 1989-10-05
  23. Letter to Postmaster, Sleetemute Post Office 1989-10-10
  24. Letter to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Vanderpool 1989-10-26
  25. Letter to Mr. Rich Sundet, ADEC Anchorage Western 1989-11-02
  26. Request for Submission of a Preliminary Assessment for the Red Devil Mine 1992-02-06
  27. Letter to Bruce Erickson, Manager Western District Office, ADEC 1993-02-24
  28. Environmental Studies of Mineral Deposits in AK 1996-00-00
  29. Geologic Studies in AK by the US Geological Survey, 1994. 1996-00-00
  30. Epithermal Mercury-Antimony and Gold-Bearing Vein Lodes of Southwestern AK, Abstract. 1997-00-00
  31. Geologic Studies in AK by the US Geological Survey, 1995. 1997-00-00
  32. Mercury Speciation in Soils and Vegetation, Southwest Alaska. Abstract. 1997-00-00
  33. Devil of a Job Mercury Mine to be Cleaned, Anchorage Daily News 1998-07-17
  34. BLM Orders Clean-up of Red Devil Mercury Mine, The Tundra Drums 1998-07-24
  35. Memo to US Environmental Protection Agency 1998-07-27
  36. Letter to Ms. Deborah Vo, Executive Director, AK Inter-Tribal Council 1998-08-06
  37. Review of Draft Limited Waste Removal Work Plan, Red Devil Mine, Red Devil, AK 1998-09-04
  38. Letter to Rick Albright, Director of AK Operations Office US EPA AOO 1998-09-21
  39. Letter to Ms. Deborah Vo, Executive Director, AK Inter-Tribal Council 1998-10-01
  40. Spatial Distribution of Chemical Constituents in the Kuskokwim River 1999-00-00
  41. Red Devil Mine, Community Relations Plan 1999-03-08
  42. Decision Record and Finding of No Significant Impact, Red Devil Mine 1999-03-09


  1. BLM Public Notice of Plans to remove waste materials and to conduct additional sampling of the Red Devil Mine 1999-03-15
  2. Regional Health Assessment Relating to Mercury Content of Fish Caught in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta Rivers Systems 1999-03-24
  3. Review of Limited Waste Removal Work Plan, Red Devil Mine 1999-04-15
  4. Limited Waste Removal Action Report, Red Devil Mine 1999-11-19
  5. Preliminary Assessment Data Requirements for Federal Facility Docket Sites 1999-12-06
  6. Letter to ADEC from BLM providing PADR for Federal Facility Docket Sites 1999-12-09
  7. Letter to EPA from BLM providing PADR for Federal Facility Docket Sites 1999-12-09
  8. Inorganic and Organic Mercury Contamination Regulations and Guidelines 2000-02-07
  9. Letter to Judith E. Bittner, State Historic Preservation Officer, DNR and Divisions of Parks and Outdoor Recreation , Office of History and Archaeology 2000-02-24
  10. Reply to Attn. of ECL-115, Michael Alcorn, BLM 2000-03-07
  11. Review and Analysis of Site Investigations and Engineering Evaluation for Determination of a Contaminated Site 2000-04-00
  12. Engineering Evaluation, Cost Analysis Red Devil Mine 2000-04-10
  13. Decision Record and Finding of No Significant Impact 2000-04-18
  14. Review of Limited Waste Removal Action Report, Red Devil Mine 2000-05-10
  15. Public Notice. Public Meeting Scheduled for June 14, 2000. 2000-05-26
  16. Red Devil Mine Public Meeting Agenda, June 14, 2000. 2000-06-14
  17. Public Meeting on Purposed 2001 Red Devil Mine Cleanup 2000-06-25
  18. Notice of Public Meeting in Red Devil to Discuss Plans for Red Devil Mine 2000-06-27
  19. Red Devil People and Community Inc., Minutes of Meeting on June 29, 2001. 2000-06-29
  20. BLM Agenda & Minutes of Public Meeting on June 29, 2001. 2000-06-29
  21. Streamlined Risk Assessment Red Devil Mine, AK 2000-07-04
  22. Approval of Work Plan, Remedial Action and Additional Site Investigation, Red Devil Mine 2000-07-07
  23. Implementation of the Red Devil EECA Amendment 2000-07-23
  24. Source Area Removal and Investigation Volume I 2001-03-30
  25. Source Area Removal and Investigation Volume II 2001-03-30
  26. Letter to Nick Ceto US EPA Region X 2001-04-06
  27. Email to Wayne Svejnoha and Mike Alcorn, both of BLM; Subject-Text of EPA Letter 2001-04-11
  28. Addendum to the Engineering Evaluation, Cost Analysis Red Devil Mine 2001-04-30
  29. Red Devil Mine Preliminary Groundwater Model Results 2001-05-11
  30. Red Devil Mine Preliminary HELP Model Results 2001-05-11
  31. Letter to Nick Ceto, US EPA Region X 2001-05-21
  32. Decision Record and Finding of No Significant Impact, Red Devil Mine 2001-06-01
  33. Email attachment to Mike Alcorn, BLM. Subject-Red Devil Conceptual Solid Waste Management Plan 2001-06-05
  34. Field Sampling Report for Wilder Construction, The Red Devil Mine Site 2001-11-13
  35. Lab Characterization of Red Devil Samples for Wilder Corp., Mark Erickson 2001-12-19
  36. Mercury in vegetation and soils at abandoned mercury mines in southwestern Alaska. USA. Abstract 2002-02-04
  37. Revision 1 Report Red Devil Mine 2002 Debris Consolidation and Disposal Project 2003-03-17
  38. 2009 Groundwater Monitoring Report  2010-03-29

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