Red Devil Mine Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study
Photo of realigned section of Red Devil Creek, 2014Early Action

The Remedial Investigation at Red Devil Mine showed that tailings piles were eroding into Red Devil Creek, carrying with them high concentrations of mercury, arsenic and antimony.

BLM developed an Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis (EE/CA) for an early action to prevent further erosion of the tailings. BLM posted the EE/CA for a public review in spring 2014 and conducted community meetings to hear comments, issues and concerns.

In summer 2014, BLM issued a Non-Time Critical Removal Action Memorandum and completed an early action to prevent the mine tailings from further eroding into Red Devil Creek and migrating into the Kuskokwim River. The action included realigning a portion of Red Devil Creek, moving the largest tailings pile away from the creek, and constructing a retention basin downstream of the tailings pile to catch future eroded tailings. This action stabilized the movement of tailings until site-wide action can be performed.

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Next Steps

BLM, EPA and ADEC determined that additional data are needed to better understand the influence of natural ore on groundwater concentrations, provide a more accurate estimate of the volume of tailings to be remediated, and to better understand the potential impacts of tailings in the Kuskokwim River.

The results will be documented in a supplement to the Remedial Investigation (DRAFT Work Plan). The results will also inform a supplement to the Feasibility Study, which defines alternatives for site-wide remedial action. The initial Feasibility Study focused on tailings and related contaminated soil. The supplement will focus on groundwater and Kuskokwim River sediment.

Then BLM will develop a Proposed Plan summarizing our preferred site-wide remediation alternative. BLM will present the plan to interested communities for public comment. We anticipate the Proposed Plan will be ready to present to communities in the fall of 2015 or the following spring.

After we receive and consider public comment, BLM will develop a Record of Decision to define what action(s) will be taken, applicable cleanup levels, and future monitoring requirements.

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  Ore Specimen from RDM:  Cinnabar (Mercury), Stibnite (Antimony), and Realgar (Arsenic).  Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the image in a new screen.

Ore sample from the Red Devil Mine containing metals in native form. Red mineral is cinnabar (mercury), orange mineral is realgar (arsenic), and silver mineral is stibnite (antimony).