Kolmakof Mine Site - CERCLA Administrative Record


The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liabilities Act (CERCLA) requires that agencies make available to the public an Administrative Record of those documents that form the basis for selection of a response action at a site. The Administrative Record provides the basis for public participation and involvement, and provides a record for judicial review by documenting the government deliberative process. 

BLM initiated a CERCLA based "Non-Time Ctritical" Removal Action for the Kolmakof Mine Site in 2006.  New documents will be added to the AR from time-to-time as the project moves towards completion.  The official hard copy Administrative Record for the Kolmakof Mine Site is available for public viewing during normal business hours at the Anchorage Field Office Public Room and at the Native Village of Napaimute's Bethel, AK office.

 Administrative Record Index

An electronic copy of the CERCLA Administrative Record is indexed below. The documents are listed in order by date. Document date format is YYYY-MM-DD. 

Each document is in Adobe Reader 7.0 or higher .pdf format. Some files may have been compressed in self-extracting .zip files. Many files are large and, depending on your computer's capability or Internet connection, may take several minutes to open. For faster access, you may want to save the file to your computer and open from there.

Portions of the documents in this electronic Record may not be fully Section 508 compliant. Please contact the BLM Project Manager if you need assistance with this Record.


For more information about the Kolmakof Mine Site Administrative Record, contact:

Larry Beck, KMS Project Manager, 907-267-1226


1999-07-08 - Letter, EPA START to BLM, Notice of CERCLA Site Assessment374 Kb01/26/2016
2000-02-19 - Kolmakof START Assessment, Sampling and Quality Assurance Plan2482 Kb01/26/2016
2000-03-31 - Letter, EPA to BLM, Cancel START Site Assessment335 Kb01/26/2016
2006-08-18 - Kolmakof Field Inspection Report2238 Kb01/26/2016
2008-03-31 - KMS Removal Site Inspection Report, 200716414 Kb01/26/2016
2008-04-01 - Letter, BLM to Calista, 2007 RSI59 Kb01/26/2016
2008-04-01 - Letter, BLM to Native Village of Napaimute, 2007 RSI59 Kb01/26/2016
2008-04-01 - Letter, BLM to The Kuskokwim Corp, 2007 RSI59 Kb01/26/2016
2008-09-17 - KMS EE/CA 2008 Workplan1217 Kb01/26/2016
2011-09-14 - KMS EE/CA 2011 Workplan37591 Kb01/26/2016
2012-12-05 - Kolmakof Mine Site Environmental Engineering/Cost Analysis (EE/CA)66649 Kb01/26/2016
2012-12-21 - Ltr from ADEC, Re EE/CA Approval.pdf358 Kb01/26/2016
2013-03-19 - MFR Re Community Involvement854 Kb01/26/2016
2013-05-21 - KMS Action Memorandum.pdf1795 Kb01/26/2016
2014-05-00 - 2013 KMS Removal Action Report15055 Kb01/26/2016
2014-05-30 - Ltr from ADEC - 2013 IRA Report Approval185 Kb01/26/2016
2014-12-00 - 2014 KMS Removal Action Report7822 Kb01/26/2016
2015-01-21 - Ltr from ADEC - 2014 IRA Report Approval882 Kb01/26/2016
2015-11-18 - 2015 KMS Characterization and Removal Report9176 Kb01/26/2016
2015-12-08 - Ltr from ADEC - 2015 Report Approval289 Kb01/26/2016
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