Illegal Dumping on AFO-Managed Lands

Household and industrial trash is sometimes dumped or abandoned on public lands. Hazardous materials and wastes are sometimes included with this trash. 

Most of the instances that have occurred on Anchorage Field Office-managed lands have been household trash dumps along the road system.  However, hazardous materials such as cathode-ray tubes from televisions and computers, propane cylinders, oil, batteries, methamphetamine lab wastes, and explosives have also been dumped or abandoned. 

Should you find dump sites on the BLM lands managed by the Anchorage Field Office, please report the find to the field office at 800-478-1263 so we can properly investigate and dispose of the wastes.

Commercial explosives found at an abandoned mine claimTrash can of oily trash dumped on public land    Drums of waste oil dumped on public land    Commercial explosives found at an abandoned mine   Illegal methamphetamine lab waste dumped on public land
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