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CERCLA Administrative Record for the Red Top Retort Site Cleanup

The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liabilities Act (CERCLA) requires that an Administrative Record (AR) of those documents that form the basis for selection of a response action at a site be made available to the public.  It provides the basis for public participation and involvement, and it provides a record for judicial review by documenting the government deliberative process.

The Red Top Retort Site is an abandoned mercury retort site at a remote location in Alaska.  The Site is on BLM managed land that has been selected for conveyance to Alaska Native corporations under authority of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act.  The BLM has been conducting cleanup of the Site under the BLM's delegated CERCLA authority, coordinated with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, affected Alaska Native corporations, and local communities.  The BLM has addressed mercury, and oil contamination at the Site as well as cleanup of non-hazardous solid waste debris.    Further information about cleanup of the Site can be found on our Red Top Retort  page. 

The official hardcopy CERCLA Administrative Record for the Red Top Retort Site is available for public viewing during normal business hours at the Anchorage Field Office Public Room. 

An electronic copy of the CERCLA Administrative Record is indexed below.  Each document is in Adobe Reader version 7.0 .pdf format.  Click on the indexed document's .pdf link to open it online; you must have Adobe Reader installed.  Many of the files are quite large and depending on your computer's capability or internet connection speed it may take up to several minutes for the file to open; for faster access you may want to save the .pdf to your computer first and then open it from there.

Administrative Record Index:

1.   1947-05-00 – Bureau of Mines Report of Investigations 4065, Mercury Deposits of SW Alaska (5.0MB .pdf)

2.   1962-00-00 – Bureau of Mines Information Circular 8131 - Mercury Occurrences in Alaska (4.9MB .pdf)
3.   1965-00-00 – USGS Geologic Survey Bulletin 1187, Quicksilver Deposits of SW AK (97.2MB .pdf)
4.   1968-05-00 – DGGS Report 17, Geochemical Inv of the Wood River-Tikchik Lakes Area SW AK (8.6MB .pdf)
5.   1969-03-00 – DGGS Supl to Report 17, Geochem Inv of Wood River-Tikchik Lakes Area SW AK (0.3MB .pdf)
6.   1992-10-23 - Greenpeace Alaska fax Report on Red Top Retort Site to ADEC (10.1MB .pdf)
7.   1992-10-26 - Red Top Mercury Retort Photographs (1.7MB .pdf)
8.   1992-12-21 - Ltr, ADEC to BLM Notice of Violation and Request for Corrective Action (1.4MB .pdf)
9.   1993-04-01 - BLM Sampling and Analysis Plan for Red Top Retort Site (8.6MB .pdf)
10. 1993-05-05 -Ltr, ADEC to BLM - Review of Sampling and Analysis Plan (1.0MB .pdf)
11. 1994-08-00 – Site Assessment Report, Red Top Retort Site (9.9MB .pdf)
12. 1995-01-00 – Remedial Action Report, Volume I, Red Top Retort Site (19.8MB .pdf)
13. 1995-01-00 – Remedial Action Report, Volume II, Red Top Retort Site (7.4MB .pdf)
14. 1995-04-14 - Mercury Levels in Wood River Sculpins (16.4MB .pdf)
15. 1996-00-00 - USGS Bul 2152 Extract, Hg Content in Fish, Sediments, and Water Samples (3.8MB .pdf)
16. 1997-03-03 – Cost Analysis Report for Cleanup Options at the Red Top Retort Site (1.0MB .pdf)
17. 1997-07-01 – Ltr, EPA to BLM - Red Top Retort Site Added to Fed Agency Haz Waste Compl Docket (1.6MB .pdf)
18. 1997-10-10 - Ltr, ADEC to BLM – Notice of Violation and Request for Interim Corrective Action (1.9MB .pdf)

19. 1998-12-31 – Prel Assessment Data Reqs for Fed Facility Docket Sites, Red Top Retort Site (5.7MB .pdf

20. 1998-12-31 – Remedial Action Report, Red Top Retort Site (12.3MB .pdf)

21. 1999-09-10 – Ltr, EPA to BLM – NFRAP/Removal from Fed Agency Haz Waste Docket (0.5MB .pdf)
22. 1999-12-21 – 1999 Site Characterization Report, Red Top Retort Site (9.2MB .pdf)
23. 2000-02-15 – Ltr,ADEC to BLM - Review comments for 1999 Site Characterization Report (1.5MB .pdf)
24. 2000-02-22 – BLM Memo: Feb 22, 2000 Meeting Minutes (0.9MB .pdf)
25. 2000-04-20 – 2000 Data Summary Report, Red Top Retort Site (9.7MB .pdf)
26. 2002-02-28 – Ltr, ADEC to BLM - Response to January 14, 2002 Letter from BLM (0.9MB .pdf)

27. 2005-09-21 – Ltr, ADEC to BLM - Summary of Activities, Determinations, and Cond Closure Reqs (5.1MB .pdf)

28. 2008-04-10 – 2007 Red Top Mill Assessment Report (6.1MB .pdf)

29. 2008-09-08 – Ltr, ADEC to BLM - Approval of 2007 Red Top Mill Assessment (0.8MB .pdf)

30. 2011-04-01 – Removal Action Memorandum (0.3MB .pdf)

31. 2011-10-27 – Memorandum For Record, Re Red Top Retort Site Community Relations (0.4MB .pdf)
32. 2012-03-08 - Final Hazardous Material Removal Summary Report (8.0MB .pdf)
33. 2012-03-12 - Ltr ADEC to BLM - Cleanup Complete at Red Top Retort Site (0.5MB .pdf)
34. 2012-03-16 - AA-006648, AA-012608 Letters (0.3MB .pdf)
35. 2012-03-29 – Public Notice – Cleanup Complete at Red Top Retort Site (0.06MB .pdf)