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Anchorage Field Office Hazardous Materials Program

Hazmat drum - steel drum with "Skull & Crossbones" Danger symbol 

The BLM Hazardous Materials Program is responsible for identifying and protecting public lands and the users of those lands from the effects of hazardous materials and waste. Hazardous materials and wastes are sometimes found around abandoned mines, abandoned military sites, illegal dumps, or may occur due to accidental spills of hazardous materials. Hazardous materials may threaten the health and safety of public lands and its users directly, or indirectly through the contamination of soil, surface water or ground water.
Permits are required for activities that store fuel or other hazardous materials on public lands. These activities may include mining, mineral exploration, oil and gas operations, hunting, and recreational activities.
Program Objectives:
  • Inventory public land for hazardous waste.
  • Investigate reported hazardous waste sites.
  • Environmental Site Assessments for land conveyance
  • Conduct cleanup of contaminated federal sites.
  • Support legal actions to recover clean-up costs on hazardous waste sites.
  • Point of contact for the emergency response plan.

Information on Recent Cleanup and Site Investigation Activities on Anchorage Field Office Managed Lands:  

For other information about the AFO Hazardous Materials program, contact the field office at (907) 267-1246 or toll free at (800) 478-1263.