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Campbell Tract Recreation Opportunities

Orienteering group on Campbell TractWhat is orienteering?

Orienteering is the sport of cross country navigation using a map and a compass. Orienteering offers users the opportunity to get out and explore the woods, challenge the mind, and develop or refine outdoor safety skills.

The Arctic Orienteering Club has established a permanent orienteering course on Campbell Tract. The course contains checkpoints set up in the woods on specific geographic features. The checkpoints are marked on orienteering maps available on the Arctic Orienteering Club's Web site.

A few safety points to keep in mind:

  • Orienteering is a great group or family activity.  But if you go by yourself, tell someone where you're going or leave a note on the inside of your vehicle's windshield.
  • Dress appropriately for the weather, whatever the season.
  • Learn and practice Bear Aware techniques if you are orienteering during bear season.
  • While the orienteering courses on Campbell Tract do not cross the airstrip, visitors sometimes find themselves near the runway. You may use the marked corridor on the west side of the airstrip. However, BLM requests that visitors stay off the main portion of the airstrip at all times.
  • Check gate closure times if you park at the Campbell Creek Science Center parking lot--you don't want your vehicle locked in for the night! Weekend/evening parking is available at both Campbell Tract trailheads.

Youth and instructor using compass at Campbell Tract

Student with compass
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