Campbell Tract Then and Now

Most visitors to the Campbell Tract come to enjoy the twelve miles of unpaved trails open to the public for year-round non-motorized recreation. 

However, many visitors don't know the Campbell Tract played a role in military operations during World War II. Remnants of bomber parking pads and taxiways, building foundations, foxholes, and defensive earthworks can still be seen today.

For those of you interested in the history of the Campbell Tract, the BLM has installed a series of interpretive panels at various trailheads on the tract. Or you may use the following links to learn more about the Campbell Tract's fascinating past.

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"Foxholes for Fighting Planes" WWII interpretive panel

"Japanese Troops Invade Alaska!" WWII interpretive panel

"Campbell Garrison: War in the Woods" WWII interpretive panel

"A Frontier Town Grows Up" WWII interpretive panel