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About Us

The lands managed by the Anchorage Field Office extend over 2,500 linear miles east to west, and some 800 miles north to south. These lands have limited road access. Yet three-quarters of all Alaskan residents live within the boundaries of the Anchorage Field Office, including Juneau (Alaska's capital) and Anchorage, Alaska's largest city.

The lands within our field office boundaries include:

  • the nation's 2 largest national forests
  • 9 national wildlife refuges
  • 6 national parks and monuments
  • 9 (of 12) Alaska regional corporations
  • 152 village corporations
  • 149 federally-recognized tribes
  • 12 (of 16) organized boroughs or municipalities
  • 2 major military installations
Anchorage Field Office administrative facilities are located at Campbell Tract in Anchorage. We also have a field station Nome.

Anchorage Field Office priorities include:Chekok Creek NE of Iliamna in Bay planning area

  • supporting the land transfer program
  • land use planning
  • resource use and protection
  • collection and analysis of baseline resource data
  • resource monitoring and compliance
  • responding to public demand for use of public lands

The field office manages thousands of miles of streams and thousands of acres of wetlands with pristine riparian habitats which support a wide variety of wildlife. These include moose, caribou, black and brown bear, mountain goats, bison, and small mammals. Raptors, migratory songbirds, and waterfowl are also abundant.

Our lands are important to local economies throughout Alaska. We issue leases, patents, and land use permits for a variety of uses, including commercial recreation, military use, mining claims, airstrips, hunting and fishing camps, and commercial filming and photography.

These are YOUR public lands. Come check us out!

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