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The BLM Anchorage District Office manages approximately 22 million acres of public lands in the southern half of Alaska. The district is divided into two field offices located in Anchorage and Glennallen. The Anchorage Field Office manages BLM lands in southwest Alaska, the Aleutians and southeast Alaska. The Glennallen Field Office manages BLM lands in the eastern part of southcentral Alaska.

Glennallen Field Office Anchorage Field Office Map of Anchorage District area.
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BSWI team members meet to refine alternatives in early May 2016

The Bering Sea-Western Interior land use planning team and agency cooperators met in early May 2016 to consider public comments and refine alternatives for the Draft RMP.

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Anchorage District Office
Mark Spencer, District Manager
4700 BLM Road
Anchorage, AK 99507
907-478-1263 (within Alaska)

Anchorage Field Office
800-478-1263 (within Alaska)
Glennallen Field Office

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