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Category: Delta, UT

For more information, please contact Carey McClellan at or call 435-253-1651.

Alternate contact is  Heath Weber at or call 435-201-3834.

Sex: Gelding   Age: 3 Years   Height (in hands): 14.2

Necktag #: 1879   Date Captured: 09/27/17

Freezemark: 15731879   Signalment Key: HG1AAAAAH

Color: Grulla   Captured: Adobe Town HMA, Wyoming

Winning Bid: 5015.00  Winning Bidder: 10547
Bidding is now over.

Sex: Gelding   Age: 7 Years   Height (in hands): 15

Necktag #: 2368   Date Captured: 10/17/17

Freezemark: 11732368   Signalment Key: HG1GEAFIN

Color: Pinto   Captured: Salt Wells Creek HMA, Wyoming

Winning Bid: 3950.00  Winning Bidder: 10590
Bidding is now over.

Sex: Gelding   Age: 5 Years   Height (in hands): 14.3

Necktag #: 2371   Date Captured: 10/17/17

Freezemark: 13732371   Signalment Key: HG1AGAGIN

Color: Pinto   Captured: Salt Wells Creek HMA, Wyoming

Winning Bid: 5200.00  Winning Bidder: 10582
Bidding is now over.

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