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Category: Delta, UT

Horse Number 6298

Sex: Gelding Age: 18 Years   Height (in hands): 15

Necktag #: 6298   Date Captured: 02/16/17

Freezemark: 99766298   Signalment Key: HG1ADAABD

Color: Brown   Captured: Cedar Mountain HMA, Utah


This 18 year old brown gelding was captured in February 2017 from the Cedar Mountain HMA.  He is located at the Delta Wild Horse & Burro Facility, Delta, Utah.

This horse is available for sale or adoption. The adopter will inform the BLM if they are purchasing or adopting the animal. If the animal is purchased, not adopted, the adopter receives bill of sale to the animal upon completion of payment and final paperwork. If the animal is adopted, the animal is not eligible for title until the one year anniversary.

For more information, contact Carey at (435)253-1651 or email at

Pick-up Options (by appointment): Delta, UT (after Aug 11); Elm Creek, NE; Pauls Valley, OK; Ewing, IL.

Other pick up options: Gulfport, MS (Sep 22); and Mequon, WI (Sep 11-23 by appt); and Sedalia, MO (Oct 6).

Adoption confirmation for this animal must be finalized, by email to, no later than Noon Mountain August 3.   After this date, all unclaimed animals will be available for in-person walk up adoption ONLY.

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Horse Number: 6298, Image Name:DSC_8075_copy.jpg
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Horse Number: 6298, Image Name:DSC_8085_copy.jpg
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