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Category: Mantle Rranch, Wheatland, WY

Horse Number 0865

Sex: Gelding Age: 3 Years   Height (in hands):

Necktag #: 0865   Date Captured: 06/01/14

Freezemark: 14860865   Signalment Key: HG1AEAEBB

Color: Bay   Captured: Born in a Holding Facility


Born at the Rock Springs Holding Facility, WY, une 2014.  Mare is out of Salt Wells Herd Area.

Three year old brown gilding.  Getting better to handle can be caught in the round pen or the stall, leads, stands tied well, loads in and out of the trailer. This colt was extremely scared and needs lots of time patience and understanding.  He is not a quick project would recommend him for an experienced adopter only or an adopter with access to a trainer.  For more info call 3073225799 Evenings.

This horse is currently in training at the Mantle Ranch in Wheatland, Wyoming.  If you have questions about this horse, please contact Bryan Mantle at or Steve Mantle at or call 307-322-5799.

Pick-up Options (by appointment): Wheatland, WY; Elm Creek, NE; Pauls Valley, OK; Ewing, IL.


Other pick up options: Cassopolis, MI (Aug 18)/ Gulfport, MS (Sep 22); and Mequon, WI (Sep 11-23 by appt).


Adoption confirmation for this animal must be finalized, by email to, no later than Noon Mountain June 22.   After this date, all unclaimed animals will be available for in-person walk up adoption ONLY.

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Horse Number: 0865, Image Name:IMG_1953.JPG
Image Dimensions: 877 X 1169   Size: 517.91 KB  
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Horse Number: 0865, Image Name:IMG_1954.JPG
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Horse Number: 0865, Image Name:IMG_1955.JPG
Image Dimensions: 1533 X 1183   Size: 689.25 KB  
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Horse Number: 0865, Image Name:IMG_1956.JPG
Image Dimensions: 1549 X 1110   Size: 612.41 KB  
Download Time: 28k:262 sec  56k:131 sec  T1/Cable:4 sec

Horse Number: 0865, Image Name:IMG_1957.JPG
Image Dimensions: 1175 X 1196   Size: 753.54 KB  
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Horse Number: 0865, Image Name:IMG_1958.JPG
Image Dimensions: 746 X 1199   Size: 422.93 KB  
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Horse Number: 0865, Image Name:IMG_1959.JPG
Image Dimensions: 960 X 1122   Size: 276.28 KB  
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Horse Number: 0865, Image Name:IMG_2057.JPG
Image Dimensions: 999 X 953   Size: 525.95 KB  
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Horse Number: 0865, Image Name:IMG_2058.JPG
Image Dimensions: 1145 X 1070   Size: 638.79 KB  
Download Time: 28k:273 sec  56k:137 sec  T1/Cable:4 sec

Horse Number: 0865, Image Name:IMG_2059.JPG
Image Dimensions: 851 X 861   Size: 342.12 KB  
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Horse Number: 0865, Image Name:IMG_2060.JPG
Image Dimensions: 908 X 1199   Size: 503.29 KB  
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Horse Number: 0865, Image Name:IMG_2061.JPG
Image Dimensions: 845 X 1159   Size: 314.03 KB  
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Horse Number: 0865, Image Name:IMG_2062.JPG
Image Dimensions: 803 X 1177   Size: 299.7 KB  
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Horse Number: 0865, Image Name:IMG_2215.JPG
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Horse Number: 0865, Image Name:0865t.jpg
Image Dimensions: 393 X 552   Size: 81.06 KB  
Download Time: 28k:35 sec  56k:18 sec  T1/Cable:1 sec

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