Facility: Mantle Ranch, WY

Horse Number 9869

Sex: Filly Age: 2 Years   Height (in hands):

Necktag #: 9869   Date Captured: 04/01/12

Color: Sorrel   Captured: Born in a Holding Facility

#9869 - 2 yr old sorrel filly, born in the Rock Springs holding facility, Wyoming, Apr 2012.

This horse is UNTOUCHED. Yearling sorrel filly, dirty blonde mane, 4 white socks, star strip and snip. Deep girth. Sort back and neck, thick big boned mare. Feminine head, soft eye. Strong easy keeping mare. straight legged quiet dispositioned horse.

This horse is located at the Mantle Ranch. For more information, email Nick Mantle at or call 307-331-1488 evenings.

Video of some of the Internet horses can be viewed at:

Pick up options (by appt): Mantle Ranch, WY


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