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Category: Burns, OR

Horse Number 2350

Sex: Gelding Age: 5 Years   Height (in hands): 14.0

Necktag #: 2350   Date Captured: 11/08/12

Color: Brown   Captured: Murderers Creek (OR)

#2350 - 5 yr old brown gelding, captured Nov 2012 from the Murderers Creek Herd Area, Oregon. (Freezemark 09022350)

This horse is currently located at the Corral Facility in Hines, Oregon. For more information, contact Patti Wilson at email or Tara at

Pick up options (by appt): Burns, OR; Salt Lake, UT; Elm Creek, NE; Pauls Valley, OK; Piney Woods, MS.

Other pick up options: Harrisonburg, VA (November 14).

Adoption confirmation for this animal must be finalized no later than Noon Mountain October 23. After this date, all unclaimed animals will be available for in-person walk up adoption ONLY.

There were no bids placed on this horse.

Horse Number: 2350, Image Name:2350a.jpg
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Horse Number: 2350, Image Name:2350c.jpg
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Horse Number: 2350, Image Name:2350e.jpg
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Horse Number: 2350, Image Name:2350f.jpg
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Horse Number: 2350, Image Name:2350t.jpg
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