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State Herd Area: Sand Wash Basin (CO)
SAND WASH BASIN HERD MANAGEMENT AREAThe Sand Wash Basin Herd Management Area (HMA) is located approximately 50 miles northwest of Craig, CO. The topography varies from gently rolling hills to steep ridges and low bluffs. Elevations range from 5,400 to 7,000 feet. In the summer temperatures can climb to 100 degrees, and fall to 30 below zero in the winter. Vegetation includes sagebrush, saltbush, wheatgrass, Indian ricegrass, and bluegrass. Wild horses share the range with elk, mule deer, pronghorn, coyotes, bobcats, sage grouse, and a variety of raptors.The wild horses in the Sand Wash Basin herd are large for mustangs, usually standing 15-16 hands tall when full grown and weighing 900 - 1,100 lbs. Colors include: bay, sorrel, roan, black, white, gray and pinto. Most of these horses are believed to have come from escaped ranch stock, and have the potential to become good working horses once gentled.
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