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State Herd Area: Clan Alpine (NV)

This HMA is located approximately 60 miles East of Fallon, NV., within the Clan Alpine Mountains. The topography of this HMA varies from hilly to mountainous. Elevations vary from 4,300 to 10,000 feet. During the summer temperatures may exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit and plummet to below zero during the winter. The vegetation is dominated by sage brush and pinyon pine. Poa and Idaho fescue (both grasses) can be found thought the HMA. The average precipitation for this area is 6 - 20" annually, with a strong elevational influence. Deer, elk, antelope, and mountain lion also live within the HMA. Lions occasionally prey on the young, old and sick horses.

The total number of horses living on this 300,000 acre HMA range from 612 to 979. Almost all horse colors are represented within this HMA including black, bay, sorrel, brown, palomino, light gray, grulla, roan and pinto. Heights range from 14 - 15 hands high.

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