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State Herd Area: Cerbat (AZ)

CERBAT HERD MANAGEMENT AREAThe Cerbat Herd Management Area is one of only two HMA's in Arizona that contains wild horses. There are several popular beliefs on the origins of this herd. One theory is that the Cerbats are descendants of Spanish mustangs introduced as early as the 1500s. A second theory is that these horses escaped from early 1700s' explorers, and another belief is that they were abandoned by livestock ranchers in the early 1800s. Though the horses do typically show some sign of Spanish descent, their exact origin remains a matter of speculation. Regardless of the origination, this herd existed in the area prior to 1971, and is now protected by law. The Cerbat HMA is located in northwestern Arizona, five miles north of Kingman, AZ. The historic mining town of Chloride sits at the western edge of the HMA. It encompasses 83,000 acres of Arizona Interior Chaparral-Grassland and Grand Canyon Desert Shrub vegetation communities. The major physical feature of the HMA is the Cerbat Mountains, with its associated peaks, ridges, and canyons. The mountains are oriented in a general northwest to southeast direction and are flanked by Sacramento Valley to the west and Hualapai Valley to the east. At an elevation of 6,983 feet, Cherum Peak is the dominate landmark within the HMA, and is also the heart of the wild horse use area. The climate is generally warm, dry, and windy. Because the HMA varies in elevation, from 3,400 feet to 6,900 feet, temperatures and precipitation also vary. Temperatures can exceed 105 degrees in the summer and drop to zero degrees in the winter. About 70 wild horses roam the Cerbat HMA today. The population is relatively stable and the need for gathers is fairly low. It is believed that the high density of mountain lions within the HMA accounts for the stable population. Body size of a Cerbat horse is typically small, with an average weight ranging between 750-800 pounds and a height of 14 to 15 hands. The horses are predominately bays, with a high occurrence of roans, along with greys, blacks, sorrels and duns. For more information on the Cerbat Herd Management Area, contact the Kingman Field Office at 2475 Beverly Avenue, Kingman, Arizona 86401, or call (520) 692-4400.

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