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State Herd Area: Confusion (UT)
CONFUSION HERD MANAGEMENT AREA, UTAH The Confusion Herd Management Area (HMA) is located approximately 90 miles northwest of Delta in the Confusion Mountains. The HMA is bounded by Cowboy Pass on old U.S. 50 & 6 on the south and the Weiss Highway on the north. Horses can usually be found anywhere throughout this HMA. The Confusion HMA contains 235,000 acres of federal and state land.. The vegetation on this HMA is dominated by sagebrush/shadscale/bunchgrass communities. The original source of the animals in this herd is unknown, but it has been augmented through historic times, and probably up until the late 1960s, with domestic horses from local ranches. The herd has a large number of gray and light colored horses and is being managed to maintain these colors. These horses also tend to be a hand or so taller and a bit heavier than other West Desert horses. This may be due to the proximity to the ranches at Gandy, Partoun, and Trout Creek and the possibility of the introduction of domestic stock prior to 1970. The BLM management goal for this herd is to maintain a herd size between 70 and 100 head.
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