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Arizona Herd Management Areas: 
Alamo (AZ)
Big Sandy (AZ)
Black Mountain (AZ)
Cerbat (AZ)
Cibola-Trigo (AZ)
Double A (AZ)
Havasu (AZ)
Tassi-Gold Butte (AZ)
California Herd Management Areas: 
Big Bear (CA)
Bitner (CA)
Black Mountain Wild Horse Territory (CA)
Buckhorn (CA)
California Desert (CA)
Carter Reservoir (CA)
Centennial (CA)
Chemehuevi (CA)
Chocolate-Mules (CA)
Clark Mountain (CA)
Coppersmith (CA)
Devil's Garden (CA)
Fox Hog (CA)
High Rock (CA)
McGavin Peak (CA)
New Ravendale (CA)
Nut Mountain (CA)
Red Rock Lakes (CA)
Slate Range (CA)
Three Sisters (CA)
Twin Peaks (CA)
Wall Canyon (CA)
Colorado Herd Management Areas: 
Little Book Cliffs (CO)
Piceance-East Douglas (CO)
Sand Wash Basin (CO)
Spring Creek Basin (CO)
Idaho Herd Management Areas: 
Challis (ID)
Four Mile (ID)
Hard Trigger (ID)
Sands Basin (ID)
Montana Herd Management Areas: 
Pryor Mountains (MT)
New Mexico Herd Management Areas: 
Bordo Atravesado (NM)
Jicarilla (NM)
Nevada Herd Management Areas: 
Amargosa Valley (NV)
Antelope (NV)
Antelope Valley (NV)
Applewhite (NV)
Ash Meadows (NV)
Augusta Mountains (NV)
Bald Mountain (NV)
Black Rock (NV)
Black Rock East (NV)
Black Rock West (NV)
Blue Nose Peak (NV)
Blue Wing Mountains (NV)
Buck and Bald (NV)
Buffalo Hills (NV)
Bullfrog (NV)
Butte (NV)
Calico Mountain (NV)
Callaghan (NV)
Chance (NV)
Cherry Creek (NV)
Clan Alpine (NV)
Clover Creek (NV)
Clover Mountains (NV)
Deer Lodge Canyon (NV)
Delamar (NV)
Desatoya (NV)
Diamond (NV)
Diamond Hills North (NV)
Diamond Hills South (NV)
Dogskin Mountains (NV)
Dry Lake (NV)
Eagle (NV)
Eldorado Mountains (NV)
Fish Creek (NV)
Fish Lake Valley (NV)
Flanigan (NV)
Fox Hog (NV)
Fox Lake (NV)
Garfield Flat (NV)
Gold Butte (NV)
Gold Mountain (NV)
Goldfield (NV)
Goshute (NV)
Granite Peak (NV)
Granite Range (NV)
Hickson Summit (NV)
Highland Peak (NV)
Horse Mountain (NV)
Hot Creek (NV)
Humboldt (NV)
Jackson Mountains (NV)
Jakes Wash (NV)
Johnnie (NV)
Kamma Mountains (NV)
Lahontan (NV)
Lake Havasu (NV)
Lava Beds (NV)
Little Fish Lake (NV)
Little Humboldt (NV)
Little Mountain (NV)
Little Owyhee (NV)
Marietta (NV)
Maverick-Medicine (NV)
McGee Mountain (NV)
Meadow Valley Mountains (NV)
Miller Flat (NV)
Monte Cristo (NV)
Montezuma Peak (NV)
Montgomery Pass (NV)
Moriah (NV)
Mormon Mountains (NV)
Muddy Mountains (NV)
Nevada Wild Horse Range (NV)
New Pass-Ravenwood (NV)
Nightingale Mountains (NV)
North Monitor/Kelly Creek (NV)
North Stillwater (NV)
Owyhee (NV)
Palmetto (NV)
Pancake (NV)
Paymaster-Lone Mountain (NV)
Pilot Mountain (NV)
Pinenut Mountains (NV)
Powell Mountain (NV)
Rattlesnake (NV)
Red Rock-Bird Spring (NV)
Reveille (NV)
Roberts Mountain (NV)
Rock Creek (NV)
Rocky Hills (NV)
Sand Springs East (NV)
Sand Springs West (NV)
Saulsbury (NV)
Saulsbury/Monitor (NV)
Seaman (NV)
Seven Mile (NV)
Seven Troughs (NV)
Shawave Mountains (NV)
Silver King (NV)
Silver Peak (NV)
Snowstorm Mountains (NV)
South Shoshone (NV)
South Stillwater (NV)
Spruce-Pequop (NV)
Stone Cabin (NV)
Stonewall (NV)
Tobin Range (NV)
Triple B (NV)
Warm Springs Canyon (NV)
Wassuk (NV)
Wheeler Pass (NV)
Whistler Mountain (NV)
White River (NV)
Wilson Creek (NV)
Oregon Herd Management Areas: 
Beatys Butte (OR)
Big Summit (OR)
Cold Springs (OR)
Coyote Lakes (OR)
Heath Creek (OR)
Hog Creek (OR)
Jackies Butte (OR)
Kiger (OR)
Liggett Table (OR)
Murderers Creek (OR)
Paisley Desert (OR)
Palomino Buttes (OR)
Riddle (OR)
Sand Springs (OR)
Sheepshead (OR)
South Steens (OR)
Stinkingwater (OR)
Three Fingers (OR)
Warm Springs (OR)
Utah Herd Management Areas: 
Bible Springs (UT)
Blawn Wash (UT)
Bonanza (UT)
Cedar Mountain (UT)
Choke Cherry (UT)
Confusion (UT)
Conger (UT)
Frisco (UT)
Hill Creek (UT)
Muddy Creek (UT)
North Hills (UT)
Onaqui Mountains (UT)
Range Creek (UT)
Sinbad (UT)
Sulphur (UT)
Swasey (UT)
Winter Ridge (UT)
Wyoming Herd Management Areas: 
Adobe Town (WY)
Antelope Hills (WY)
Conant Creek (WY)
Crooks Mountain (WY)
Dishpan Butte (WY)
Divide Basin (WY)
Fifteen Mile (WY)
Green Mountain (WY)
Lander (WY)
Little Colorado (WY)
Lost Creek (Cyclone Rim) (WY)
McCullough Peaks (WY)
Muskrat Basin (WY)
Rock Creek Mountain (WY)
Salt Wells Creek (WY)
Stewart Creek (WY)
White Mountain (WY)
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States:  Arizona    California    Colorado    Idaho    Montana    Nevada    New Mexico    Oregon    Other    Utah    Wyoming   

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