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State Herd Area: Stewart Creek (WY)

The Stewart Creek HMA encompasses 231,124 acres, of which 215,369 acres are BLM-administered public lands. The Continental Divide (eastern boundary of the Great Divide Basin) traverses the HMA in a north-south direction in its eastern portion along Lost Soldier and Bull Springs rims. Adjacent to these rims on either side are strongly rolling uplands. These areas transition to the gently rolling uplands which comprise the majority of the HMA. Elevation ranges from 6500 to 7900 feet. The most abundant plant community is sagebrush/grass. The climate in the Great Divide Basin is fairly harsh, with long, severe winters. Annual precipitation ranges from less than seven inches at the lower elevations to more than ten inches at some of the higher elevations. Most of the precipitation occurs as snow.

The AML for this HMA is 150 horses. The horses exhbit a full range of colors but most are solid in color. A noticeable number of tobiano paints are present, usually as entire bands. The present population has been influenced by the routine escape of domestic saddle stock from the surrounding populated areas. The horses range from 14 to 15 hands and 800-1000 pounds mature weight. Health is good with few apparent problems.

Domestic Livestock and Wildlife

Domestic cattle and sheep utilize the area in all seasons with summer cattle use predominating. Large numbers of pronghorn antelope and a few mule deer roam the area, small but healthy elk population is becoming established in the HMA. Sage grouse and a myriad of small animals use the area. The Shamrock Hills Raptor Concentration Area is nearby. Coyotes are abundant and an occasional mountain lion and bobcat call the area home. Crooks Mountain, Green Mountain, and Whiskey Peak are just north of the HMA. The Ferris Mountains are to the northeast. The Sweetwater Uranium Mill (not in operation) is just outside the southwest corner of the HMA.
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