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"Congress finds and declares that wild free-roaming horses and burros are living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the West; (and) that they contribute to the diversity of life forms within the Nation and enrich the lives of the American people ..."
(Public Law 92-195, December 15, 1971)

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The February Internet Adoption/Sale Has Ended


  • Gainesville, GA (Apr 13) (was Cartersville, GA, Apr 27).
  • Lima, OH (May 4) (was Millersburg, OH,May 18).
  • Added:  Gallman, MS (May 18).


The February Internet Adoption has ended.  Please view the high bids online.

For those that won a bid, please e-mail  to confirm your bid.  Please include your bidder ID, first/last name, and where you would like to pick up and if you are sending a hauler.  Also let us know if you are passing on any animals.  If you bid on a sale eligible animal, please let us know if you plan to purchase or adopt the animal(s).        Please let us know, no later than 9am mountain time, on Friday Feb 22 that you want your animal.  After that time, we will offer to the next high bidder.

Reminder that the Eastern pick up locations are Ewing, IL (by appt);  Logan Township, NJ  (April 13); Gainesville, GA (April 13); Lima, OH (May 4); and Gallman, MS (May 18).

Pick-up at the animals current facility can't be completed until after Mar 2.  That will provide us enough time to process all the paperwork.

If you were approved to bid, and did not receive a winning bid, then please e-mail me at  to let me know which animal you would like and where you would like to pick up.  Request you let me know no later than Thursday, Feb 22, by Noon mountain time.

It will make it easier to have a record of your confirmation, so we can reply back our receipt.  Thank you for understanding.

Due to the incredible number of applications and bids, on these terrific horses and burros, it may take longer to reply back to everyone who are e-mailing to accept their bids.  Please be patient, every person will receive a reply. 


If you are having trouble viewing the site, and use Internet Explorer, your browser may need to be updated. On the Tools menu, click Internet Options. On the Advanced tab, under Security, make sure that the following check boxes are selected - Use SSL 2.0, Use SSL 3.0, Use TLS 1.0. Click Apply, Click OK.


WHB Internet System - ATTN: Adopt-A-Horse Users!

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is excited to launch a new “Wild Horse and Burro Online Corral” system in the near future, allowing prospective adopters or purchasers greater access to America’s wild horses and burros and providing improved customer service to the public.   

The Online Corral will sport a more streamlined look and feel, while offering a host of new features and abilities to the users, including new filtering options to make it easier to find your desired animal, as well as a new online application process. 

The first event on the new site is tentatively scheduled to occur in March 2018, but applications to adopt or purchase a wild horse or burro may be accepted any time after the site has launched.  The BLM encourages all prospective wild horse or burro owners to check back in the coming months in order to submit applications in advance of the first event.


Paper Applications for In Person Adoption/Purchase

If you are adopting or purchasing an animal, from the Internet Adoption, please complete the on-line Internet Adoption Application.

For all in-person adoptions, the paper application can be down loaded on-line at:

Download application and instructions (PDF) (301KB)

To find out more about the sale authority program, go to:

To download the application, to purchase a wild horse or burro:


How to Read a Freezemark & Signalment Key

Click on "read more" to see how to decode a freezemark and signalment key.


Pick up in Ewing, IL and at Satellite Adoptions

Pick up in Ewing, IL and at Satellite Adoptions

This is the new procedure for picking up in Ewing, IL and for Satellite Adoptions:

If you are picking up at a satellite adoption, you can only make a change, to the pick up location, once. 

In Ewing, IL, you will have a maximum of 30 days to pick up your animal(s) once you are notified that they have arrived.  If they are not picked up within 30 days, you will be charged $5 per day, for each day thereafter.  If your animal(s) are not picked up within 45 days of their arrival in Ewing, IL, they will be released back into the adoption program, and your deposit will be forfeited.


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